I wanted to take a minute...

I wanted to take a minute to remind all that there are just 5 days left until the early bird price for the “Every Day Intuition For Every Day People” workshop will be taken down.

I also wanted to say that on the 29th of May, my father passed away. I was in two minds about cancelling this event as I am so distraught and feeling so lost without him in my life.

However, having given it much thought, I have decided that that would be the very last thing he would want me to do. Eight years ago, when I first began doing the work that I do, it was he who persisted in encouraging me to set up practice of my therapy business and it was also he who continually nagged and cajoled me to build my website and become self employed.

So I would not only like to go ahead with this workshop but would like to do it in his honour 🙂 x