Tuning in with People

Tuning with people

Over the last couple of years, people have asked me why I don’t call myself a straight out psychic, as I am able to do what they generally do in a reading. What I feel is different about what I do is the fact that I am, with my background training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, more able to counsel and guide people through their life issues.

I don’t see the point of simply telling you what is about to happen in your life if you are stuck with a major (or minor!) dilemma which needs sorting out. How can you look ahead to what is about to happen if you are unable to move on from your current issues? I also feel that how you go about dealing with your current issues has a HUGE impact on how things will turn out for you and those you care about in the future.

So no matter how much I can “see” what is going to happen in your life, all of that is obsolete if you take different actions in your current situation.I also feel that your future is in your hands.

Yes, fate plays its own part, however, nothing is written in stone as regards the positive and negative opportunities coming (or not coming!) into your life. It’s your attitude and the way you project your thoughts that bring about the results in your life, good and bad.

I strongly believe that knowledge is power.

The more you know about your situation the better decisions you can make. We all need guidance about some aspects of our lives at crucial times when changes are taking place. When you are going through an upheaval in your life, it’s empowering to be able to feel ready for what is about to happen so you are better equipped to deal with the matter. Sometimes, you may need advice and help with a relationship issue. Does your partner want the same things as you do? Does he/she feel the same way? Do you have the same goals and aspirations in life?

The journey that you may be taking with your partner would be a lot more scenic and exhilarating if you are empowered with the knowledge that the road ends with what you both want rather than find out at the end of the road that this is, at least for the other person, literally the end of the road.

Reasons Why You May Want To Tune In With a Person

  • To get an accurate insight into a problem or situation that you are faced with
  • To have a better understanding of a loved one and how he/she views a situation you may be in< together
  • To better understand what makes a person tick so that you are more “in tune” with that person
  • To clarify a misunderstanding or argument you may have had with another person
  • To help find out whether you and your partner are wanting the same things in life
  • To resolve anger issues and find out the cause of the underlying problems which are manifesting in anger or abusive behaviour
  • To resolve addictive behaviour and find out and resolve the root cause of the addiction
  • To gain knowledge about a given situation so that the best choices are made for your future
  • To understand whether your current job is what you should be doing or whether it’s time for a complete change
  • To find out where your life is heading and whether any changes need to be made to better equip you for what’s coming up next in your life

My Work

We have the ability to tune in and read any given situation we are in and thus make better choices to enable us to lead happier lives with those we love and care for.

Tuning in to find out about ones’ own life takes a lot of practice…I know from personal experience! I find it a breeze dealing with others and their problems and find myself mystified and sometimes puzzled about the sudden out of the blue cyclones that hit my sometimes frantic life!

However knowing the principles of opening up and being able to feel/see/hear are what we should all learn how to do as it’s the beginning of gaining control over your own life as well as being able to help others around you. Please check out my Workshops pagePast Workshops 1 for details of how you too can gain an insight into learning how to use the abilities that we are all born with.

When I am booked by a client (we’re talking about human clients here!), I will ask for a photo of the person or people concerned and the names (first names are fine) and age of the person. These are all e-mailed to me or posted if you are not net savvy. If there is a problem that needs to be looked at, I will ask for a brief outline of the situation and then will tune in with the person/people surrounding the issue and get an insight into the problem or situation.

Please note that often, I will find myself communicating with and through a person that you may have known in your life, who has passed away. This may be a grandparent, uncle, aunt, etc or it may be someone who you have never even known or met, ie great aunt, great grandparent, etc.

You may be surprised to find this person coming through to speak and give advice because you may have thought you had never bonded with this person in life so why now? This is because for whatever reason, whether through blood connection or through simply feeling a close association with you, the person who is in spirit has felt the urge and need to stay close to you and keep an eye out for you.

I will sometimes get a vision of the person or will receive strong enough feelings to describe what this person looks like and then will convey all messages that are given to me through this person in spirit.

My father, loving as he is, was very sceptical about the stories I had to tell him when I first discovered I was able to do what I do. He would listen to my stories with laughter brimming up, which he would hold down for fear of upsetting me.

Eventually, by the end of my story, he would not be able to keep the laughter suppressed anymore and to pacify me would say of course he believed me (my foot!) and what was there not to believe. I knew that it was not his time to understand and I would leave it at that. I had no intention of trying to prove to him that what I was doing was real! His time would come!

One day, while sitting with my brother and mother (who by the way had had several conversations through me with both her parents and her sister who had died some years ago), my father walked into the room. Behind him, was a very tall man with a stick in his hand, unseen by the other three people in the room.

He followed my father in, and I knew straight away that this man was my father’s step-uncle, though I had never heard of him, nor ever seen him before. Within seconds, I was relaying messages from this tall man to my father. I was speaking very fast and not making any sense to myself whatsoever. My father, on the other hand, suddenly became very quiet, his face became ashen with shock and he sat down quietly and listened to the jumbled up messages being passed on from this man to me and then to my father.

I described how this man was asking me to tell my father that even though they were not even blood related (I learnt later that he was my grandfather’s step brother), he (my father) was so much like this man. I felt as if I had absolutely full knowledge about this very tall and distinguished looking man. I was able to describe him and talk about things which only my father could relate to and know about.

My father had not ever met this step-uncle of his as he had died before my father was even born. He had, however, heard all about him through members of his family but had never spoken to us about him and that’s why we had no knowledge that he even existed. I was able to describe his personality and character in detail and relate stories (through my father’s step-uncle) about certain incidents in his life, which were all substantiated by my father.

After that incident, I found my father take a greater interest in my stories, without of course the laughter, unless something was genuinely funny! These days, we share a lot of time together talking about telepathy, remote viewing and communicating with animals and in fact, it was at his insistence that I have finally got round to setting this website up!

So never be surprised who shows up at your reading!

Often, I’m asked to tune in about a person’s feelings with regards to a situation or get the true feelings about an argument which may have taken place. I’ve been known to be accurate and have been able to clear up issues which have been hanging over families for years.

I then take the details of my findings and will discuss it with my client and help him/her to see ways of working things out for the best for all concerned.

One of strongest abilities that I have been told I have is to be able to telepathically converse with a person’s subconscious mind. This is very useful when there has been a problem between two people and all communication has broken down and one of the two refuses to acknowledge or entertain any further contact with the other person.

Having done many, many tuning sessions in circumstances such as these, nine times out of ten, the person who has blocked communicating with the other person has a deep-rooted need to sort out the issue, however, consciously cannot begin to know how to go about it.

I will then convey messages to suggest that the other person is indeed, wanting to sort out the issues too and that steps can be made to rectify, if not to reconnect with the whole relationship and begin again, then to at least have some kind of closure and move on.

It’s been noted on many occasions that after a tuning-in session where I have had a telepathic conversation, the person automatically has an urge to resolve matters and makes the first move to make contact and talk out the problems and issues which have separated the two people.

It’s important to note, however, that there are of course instances where consciously and subconsciously, the person I am tuning in with has absolutely no intention of doing anything to resolve matters and in these circumstances, their wishes must be respected.

In situations such as these, I will leave a positive white light for the person to heal their differences within themselves and respect them for their decisions and leave.

This will be discussed with my client and, depending on what is required and requested by my client, the next steps will be taken. This can either be advice and counselling where necessary or further readings and…