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Once again, received a WHOLE insight to the life of my horse! I can see how he is and how he is generally feeling but what I get from Cat is what he’s thinking inside his head! There were a few issues going on with my Albert and I just needed to know why he was behaving a certain way.

Just from a PHOTO (!) Cat picked up on EXACTLY why he was doing what he was doing. And the best thing is that she also told me the EXACT thing which would make him stop his silly behaviour. All I then had to do was follow her instructions and hey presto! All sorted. Thanks Cat! Love

Morning Catrima Just to say thank you for Becky’s reading yesterday, you were so accurate that I was AMAZED at your accuracy, everything you told me made sense, and my daughter confirmed that she does hold her head to one side when she eats. We will make sure that she gets treatments for all her problems that you pointed out and in a few months when hopefully she will realize that we are here for her forever I would like to book a more in depth session please.

You are welcome to use my e mail in your testimonials, there is no need to change my name as I am happy for you to use the information in any way you wish. I agree it is important to use people’s testimonials, I took a good look around before I chose you and it was your glowing feed back that made my mind up for me – I wasn’t disappointed!

I think you will be able to see the difference in Becky when I send you a recent photograph of her taken on Christmas day which I will send for my next sitting- the difference in her is amazing. Thanks again for all you help, have a good New Year and I will be in touch to re book soon. Many thanks and respect.

Carol Haughton,

I had a short taster session for my 13 year old Arabian mare Jess, as there was a couple of things I felt were troubling her, mainly an issue with travelling and also her relationship with her mother (I am told she was hand reared).Catrima got her personality spot on and so it was clear she had made a connection with her. At the beginning of the session, Jess said to Cstrima how she was contented in life, took things in her stride and felt fit as a fiddle. However when Catrima asked about the travelling and about her mother, Catrima said Jess became angry, asking why she was being asked about these things – in particular she described her mother as being aggressive and untameable, nothing like herself.

I have since done some digging and found out that her mother neglected her (which I didn’t know before the session), which caused her to be hand reared. The reading made me realise that the issues were deeper than I had ever thought although I also felt incredibly guilty about bringing up the past for her and at a loss as to how I could help her overcome her problems.I went to see Jess shortly after the session and found she was quite angry and not her usual self. I contacted Catrima again and she told me this can be usual as like us, the animal can become angry as they bring up the past issues and memories. Catrima understood I was worried and was happy to offer Jess some angelic reiki to help calm her down. The next day however, she was still quite agitated.

Catrima continued to offer reiki over the weekend, and by the Monday Jess was back to her normal self and seemed calm and contented again. There are still issues with Jess that need to be worked on but I hope to continue working with Catrima so that I can help my horse through her. For anyone unsure about whether to go ahead with a session, just go for it – you will not be disappointed! Catrima does exactly what she says and gives you an insight into the world and feelings of your horse. Catrima has an amazing gift and more importantly she genuinely cares about the animal she is working with.


Hi Catrima, Of course you may use my words as a testimonial, with my name is fine. Tess would love her name on there too – she’s becoming quite famous! she has her own page on the Yahoo Metabollic Horse and she’s well-known on the Thunderbrook Organic Horse Food (as this is all she is allowed to eat now, with soaked hay). She is not allowed any grass at the moment and she is not allowed in the field with her friends. She’s supposed to stay in her stable 24/7 but she has made such a rapid improvement I take her out for 10 minute walks and let her pick at the hedgerows.

I think she must be responding to the light work you are doing with her, even the vet can’t believe that she has made such a remarkable recovery. Although her illness is like diabetes, in horses it affects the feet due to poor circulation in the hooves. With the correct feeding and medication we should be able to get the insulin levels back to normal. She has to stay in the stable because the bones in her feet need to be stabilised by new hoof growth (approx 3 months). If she gallops around before this she could do more damage.

Once again Cat, if you hadn’t enlightened us to the fact that Tess was not well (the high insulin levels were only discovered because you told me she was not feeling well – the horse has a large pancreas and can cope with high insulin levels for a long time – once the noticable symptoms appear it is often too late to save the horse) this damage would have occured and there is no treatment once the bones have fully rotated. I thank you Cat and the higher source everytime I see my Tess’s little fluffy face looking over the stable door and whinnying at me when she sees me in the mornings!


Bev xxxxxxxxx

PS One thing I would like to stress is that when someone decides to have a communication with you, they must listen to their animal and not dismiss it if they are sceptical – when I called the vet for Tess there was NOTHING wrong with her that I could see. The vet examined her, did a general blood test and it all came back OK.

It was only because Tess told me through you she’d lost her sparkle that I had investigative tests done and we found that her insulin was 493 – it should be 40! Like I said earlier, by the time I would have visibly noticed she was ill, she would have been too far gone to save her.


Great Reading A++++ She is caring and genuine. .. . Picked right up on my Baby.


Just love cat she BRILLIANT! you must try its AMAZING! highly recommend A+++++++


100% changed my approach, Highly recommended. xxxxx


Exceptional Help & Very Understanding Lady, I’m So Grateful – Highly Recommend


Thank you I tried what you said and fingers crossed it seems to have worked!


Emergency reading for vet, very, very helpful, thank you once again xxx


Brilliant! Such a warm lady, spot on with the cat’s charismatics RECOMMEND! A+


Dear Catrima, My apologies for not emailing you sooner, Becky was playing like mad last night so I didn’t get a chance, not that I’m complaining, it’s fantastic to see her getting better.Thank you from the bottom of my heart in speaking to Becky, you have an amazing gift.

Both my mother and I are amazed at what you have told us about Becky. It has helped us to understand her more & help her to get better. I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you in a few months for you to speak to Becky again to see how she is getting on.

She has already been looking at the cat flap with a bit more interest, I think she may have tried to use it, however Kaleb jumped through at 100mph & I think it spooked her again! Thank you once again for speaking to her & for fitting us in so quickly, Love from Laura, Carol & of course Becky Boo Bear x x x

Laura, Carol, UK

I used to seek the help of two or three different Animal Communicators but since coming across Catrima through a friend who had had a reading done by her, I have happily said good bye to the others and now use Catrima and ONLY Catrima! I am overwhelmed by her accuracy in not only being able to “see” what is coming up in the future but also her ability of sensing the feelings of an animal, including health issues. This is the main area I use Catrima’s serivices as she is way faster than the vet at knowing what is wrong with an animal (I have two cats and a dog) and that too through just a photo! She points out the problem areas and I go speak on behalf of my pet to the vet through Catrima – simples!

Laura, Bedfordshire

Hi Cat, I had a hoof specialist in yesterday for Tess. She said that Tess has been poorly (comparable to diabetes in human) for months, maybe even over a year. This would tally with what you told me when you communicated with Tess and she told you she had “lost her sparkle”.

She told you she felt slightly better than she did over the winter. This also explains a lot! In the winter horses are fed more which would make diabetes worse. Come spring time when the weather is warmer they live more on grass and don’t need so much extra grain.Unfortunately, we have only just found out the medical condition that made Tess feel like she had “lost her sparkle” but I wanted to say thank you because I would never have realised she felt poorly in the first place if we hadn’t had the communication session with you.

I know she has a serious illness now but there is a chance that with the correct hoof trimming and medication she will make an almost complete recovery but the longer this would have gone on for, the less chance of a positive outcome (we would have started investigating now that she has obvious signs rather than months ago when I had her first communication with you). I want to thank you once again Cat for helping possibly save my horses life.

Her previous owner, Gill, came yesterday and signed her over to me too, which is another thing you said Tess was worried about. Hopefully she will make a rapid improvement once she has the correct medication which shouldn’t be too long once some more blood tests have been taken. No wonder she feels like giving up, poor girl, hopefully she will stay strong just a bit longer. As soon as things are settled and she has the correct medication I will be coming back to you so we can see if she’s feeling better. Fingers crossed I will be able to see she is as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are Tess’s angel xxxxxxxxxxxx


Beverley Richards,

For anyone who’s wondering whether to do this – DO IT! Thanks catz-eyez


Brilliant. Very happy and amazed by detail given. Recommended


WOW Thank you so much! What a nice lady! Really helped me understand my cat! +++


amazing and accurate reading thank you will definately be a repeat customer!! x


Excellent spot-on reading.Highly recommended.Thank you very much


This lovely lady is 100% genuine and accurate she is AMAZING thanks Catrima A+++


Catrima got my horse’s personality spot on, i hope she will continue to help her.


Great reading once again confirmed what I thought. Definately contact again.xx