Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What information will I need to send to you to have a tuning in session for my pet?

All I will need to tune in with your pet is his/her name, a recent photo, age and gender of your pet.  The reason I ask for a recent photo is so that I pick up the energy currently around your animal in order to pinpoint current issues.  If you don’t have a recent photo, that’s ok too as all important and relevant information will still come through!

As well as these, you are also welcome to ask me a series of questions which you would like to have the answers to.

What information will I need to send to you to have a tuning in session for myself?

I will need your name, age and a photo with your eyes clearly visible. If the session is regarding yourself and another person, I will need the same details for the second person.

I ask that if at all possible, you send me two or three photos of the person on their own. I will also ask that you give me a little information with regards to the direction of what exactly you would like to know. If, for example, you are having relationship issues, then let me know what the issues are so that I can go in that direction.

Otherwise, your reading will be very general and you may not get the information that you have come to me to seek.

What payment methods do you accept for a reading for both people/animals?

I accept Paypal (which can be used for payment via debit and credit cards), cheque, postal order, internet banking or bank to bank transfer. Paypal payments will ensure your readings are done more swiftly than if you were to send in a cheque or postal order which will take several days to reach me and then to clear the bank (in the case of cheques).

How long is the actual wait for a reading to be done?

This will depend on the current waiting time, however, I aim to do all readings and tuning in sessions within a 5 to 7 day period. It will usually be sooner if I have been able to clear readings booked prior to your order.

You will always be notified as to the length of the wait once you have made your purchase. Please note that I avoid working on Saturdays and Sundays (I need my rest and time with my daughter and pets!).

How much is each of the tuning in sessions for pets and people?

There’s a full description of the types of readings and prices here for people and here for animals.

How much detail will there be for a 40-minute tuning in session?

This will depend completely on your animal. Some animals love to chat and will go on and on and others need a little nudge to get started and once they get going, they tend to feel comfortable and open up more and more.

Please be aware though that there may be those that don’t want to speak at all. If this ever happens (it has happened to me twice in the last 3 years!), you will get a full refund and my sincere apologies.

This is no reflection on the animal, simply that they are not in the mood to talk or are particularly private and feel uncomfortable to speak about personal matters. Sometimes I may go back in a day or two and he or she will be ready to speak to me, however, if they really don’t want to talk, we must respect their wishes and apologise and exit!

Can you do a reading on an animal that has passed away?

Yes, it’s very much possible to tune in with an animal who has passed away. This is a very comforting way to say goodbye to an animal that died very suddenly or if you just didn’t have the chance to say all that you wanted to say to your pet before they passed away.

How is it possible to communicate with animals when they don’t speak the language we do?

Different animal communicators use different methods to connect and tune in with an animal. I can explain how I do it and there will be differences in varying degrees with other communicators.

The simplest way to explain it, and this may sound strange to those who are not in this field, is that I literally feel the animal’s soul within and inside of my own. This means that I can pick up on every ounce of their feeling, their thoughts, and their beliefs about themselves, their lives and their hopes and dreams…and yes they have all of those just like we do.

Animals have a spiritual essence just like we do so it’s not surprising that they too have all the feelings and likes and dislikes just as we humans do. Just because they don’t speak in our language does not mean that they don’t have a language of their own.

They use telepathy for their communication needs and this is also what I am able to pick up from them when I communicate with them. They speak to me telepathically and show me pictures and colours and they show me things relating to their past as well as their present. This is how I am able to pick up on their past history and am able to learn about any issues which they have because of their past experiences.

One of my strongest abilities when it comes to communicating with animals is my ability to pick up on their feelings. I have a very strong “feeling” sense which I get in the pit of my stomach. Just by tuning in with an animal, I can literally feel what they are feeling and very often, I am in tears when tuning in with an animal as their feelings come through to me with such tremendous strength.

Often, they have feelings of great sadness and this is when I’m in tears! Even after tuning in with so many, many animals over the last three years, I have yet to come across an animal who does not make me cry either with laughter or with sadness.

How can you tell for sure that you’re actually getting through to an animal and/or receiving information back from them?

It’s 1000% clear to me that I know I’m communicating with an animal, however, I understand that it’s hard for others to believe unless they have some sort of proof that this is actually what I am doing.

I guess the animals know I will get a hard time if I don’t go back with some kind of proof after a session of “speaking” to them so very often, they will give me something to take back to their humans which if not concrete evidence, will be a particular piece of information which I am not supposed to know about.

Very often, I will be given snippets of information by the animal which only the family who owns the animal will know about. There is also evidence of my communication with the animal which shows up in the animals’ behaviour after the tuning in session. If there were behavioural problems and part of the tuning-in session was to help the animal deal with it, it is highly likely that behaviour will have subsided, if not completely disappeared.

They begin to behave in a different way to how they were previously (from a negative attitude to a positive) and the owner notices a definite change in the overall appearance and mannerism of the animal soon after I have tuned in with the animal.

They also tend to become a lot more relaxed and more cooperative with the family. If I feel from the animal that they would like certain changes to be implemented and these changes are made by the family after my suggestions are made to them, there is a definite change in the animal on a positive note and the whole family will feel just how grateful their pet is to have been honoured and their wishes respected.

So the difference in the animal is extremely obvious to see and this allows the family to know for sure that some sort of tuning in definitely took place!