As I have mentioned several times on this site, EVERYONE can do what I do! There are, of course, things which you have to re-learn to do before you can have a direct two-way conversation with your furry friends (or tap into the feelings of those around you so you understand them better and so have better relationships).

To help others to re-learn this inbuilt and very powerful ability that we all have, I have been holding workshops for those who are keen to brush up on their telepathic and intuitive skills.

If you have read my About page, then you will know that my telepathic and intuitive skills were not handed to me by my mother, aunt or grandmother from the past with a known psychic ability.

It was already within me and when it emerged, I simply learnt more (mostly through trial and error!) to help enhance it and make it stronger than when it first appeared. This clearly shows that this is indeed a learnt skill (I like to say re-learnt as it is a skill that we have always had, we’ve just forgotten how to use it).

Imagine for a moment, how it would feel to be able to look straight at your dog and KNOW that he is happy. Of course, we know a dog is happy when we see him wagging his tail. However, it’s a different thing completely to know how he feels truly deeply inside of his inner self.

And imagine for a moment, if you’ve brought your cat home from the local cat sanctuary and she seems nervous, scared and timid. Wouldn’t you want to find out the cause of her fear so that she can be made to feel that she is safe from the very thing which is frightening her?

When I tune in with an animal, I am not only able to find out the cause of the animal’s emotional problems but am also able to solve a lot of his/her fears and pass on messages from the person responsible for taking care of the animal to help make the animal feel more secure and safe.

I recently tuned in with a cat from Canada whom I have read for previously (you can read about it here) and was able to convey loving thoughts and feelings from the owner to the animal and her physical problem literally went away.

Please note, however, that my services are in no way a substitute for the skill and the knowledge that your veterinary services can provide for your pet when required.

Please also ensure that your pet has the proper care and treatment from a qualified vet when sick as I am not qualified to diagnose a problem nor administer treatment for your pet. Re-learning these skills which are already inside each and every one of us is a sure way of progressing in life in a happy, secure and loving way and helping all creatures (great and small!) along the way!

Please check my Workshops page if you would like to know more about this and do check back regularly to see when the next workshop will take place or would like to organise and host your own workshop which I will be happy to head for you. I can guarantee that you will walk away with at least the beginnings of being able to “talk” to your animals and the rest will follow with keen interest and practice. The most important thing is to re-learn what to do and how to do it.

“Whatever your trials, remind yourself that you are a spirit and are capable of changing your destiny”-Omraam