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Catrima Gabrielle

Catrima Gabrielle is an Intuitive Business Coaching Consultant providing services to multinational companies both in the United Kingdom as well as internationally. Since visiting Bangladesh in June 2015 for a short vacation, she stumbled across a gap in the market here for the kind of services she provides in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

Having grown to over 3,000 clients in her personal database over the last 10 years of starting her consultancy, she is now focused on developing and extending her portfolio of clients to include those requiring guidance and clarity in projecting growth of businesses and multinational corporations in Bangladesh.

Catrima is focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses, be they small, medium or large, in the full range of the business cycle. She is not only experienced in the field of coaching, motivating and having a very clear and focused insight into the projections of a company’s goals and targets but her unique ability of intuitively assessing any area of an organisation is what sets her apart from other business advisory consultants.

The initial 90-minute first-time consultation is set at TK25,000 and it is at this stage that Catrima will obtain an overview of the functions of the business, their immediate and long-term goals and concerns, and evaluate personal profiles of the managers and their co-workers.

She will generally offer some immediate advice, with any additional information to be provided at a later date should she be taken on for consultancy work. A discussion can then be started to formulate a program based on the requirements of the company, the length of time required and the outcome desired.

Catrima aims to offer very comprehensive consulting services which are individually packaged to suit the requirements of a specific company and will focus on providing a very unique and personalised program specifically catered to each individual clients’ specific needs.

Her fees are bespoke on an individual basis and will be based on a number of factors including the size of the company, the kind of work being undertaken and the length of time she will be required to work.

Catrima also facilitates workshops and seminars which she will personally design and package in line with the requirements of a particular company or organisation and their employees’ needs. Please contact for more details (contact details on the final page of this report).

Catrima has not only worked with multi-million dollar companies in the UK, Jordan and Australia, Canada and the States but has also been an advisory consultant to Ministers of Parliament, Olympic athletes and TV and radio personalities as well as individuals leading what we term normal lives in the fields of banking, medicine, the legal arena, senior executives, designers, as well as ambitious university and college students.

Expertise & Experience

Hiring people at any level is expensive. Hiring the wrong people can be even more costly. It has, therefore, become commonplace for not only multinational companies but small to medium-size organisations to use psychometric testing and psychological assessments when formally interviewing candidates for a particular role in a company.

Catrima however, goes many steps beyond the norm.

She specialises in reading the subconscious mind of a person in order to assess the suitability of a candidate and is able to accurately assess the right people into the right roles within an organisation.

She does this through telepathy and remote viewing, a skill that she has mastered and successfully been utilising for the past ten years. As well as using these skills herself, she is of the opinion that these abilities are in fact inbuilt within all of us and is a successful coach and trainer and teaches at workshops and seminars across the United Kingdom.

Catrima’s key areas of expertise are as follows:

Assessing candidates for their suitability for any given position within a company: Catrima is able to tune in with just a photograph and name of an applicant and give an extensive report on the characteristics of the person, along with personality traits, suitability to the role being offered, whether the candidate is ambitious or simply taking on the role as a bridge to other plans he has chosen not to reveal.

Future projections for the organisation: Catrima is able to access and assess any up coming challenges which have not yet happened which serves as a warning to either change, maintain or revaluate any particular line of action in order to get the best possible outcome for the company at any given situation.

An understanding of the needs and requirements of the company: Catrima is able to answer questions which are asked without actually having knowledge or information about the particular subject matter. This in itself is vital where Intuitive Consultancy is concerned as she will not have a preconceived idea or thought process and the answer that will be revealed will be accessed from source without being tainted by the intentions of any of the employees and their personal goals and motivations. This is vital if a concept of the truth to a particular question is required without preconceived motives or judgments.

Catrima provides a metaphorical mirror in which the client may review past, present and future trends, decisions, goals and/or actions. A mental solution and peace of mind can be achieved. Information to improve interpersonal relationships with customers, employees and stockholders can also be monitored and improved simply by asking Catrima questions and receiving purely intuitive answers.

Catrima is also able to be consulted when there is a need for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Selection Criteria
  • Deal analysis
  • Project Prioritisation
  • Investment Strategies
  • Trend Detecting
  • Project Analysis
  • Downsizing
  • Product Selection
  • Mergers
  • Future Forecasting
  • Employee Profiling
  • Acquisitions
  • Time Management

Finance House

London, UK

The project was one that I originally approached as a sceptic. I believe that for the most part, today’s business environment continues to be very shortsighted and results orientated. Therefore, I took Catrima Gabrielle on more on the basis of testing her than anything else.

I found to my surprise, the insight Catrima Gabrielle brings to the table is invaluable, as it provides the individual decision maker with insight about themselves and helps them grow as a person. This, in many instances, improves their interpersonal relationships with customers, employees and other stakeholders in the business which ultimately will improve the company. This type of insight is qualitative and leads individuals who make decisions down the right path as far as doing the right thing versus what can be measured in monetary terms. The actual decisions should not be overlooked, since, as in my case, it also proved to be hugely accurate.

And over time, I became aware of the advantages that consulting with Catrima provided me. These include:

Providing me with the additional insight that may be necessary to make a decision and understanding that the projection comes from an “altruistic” perspective as opposed to one of ego, greed or other negative motives.

The monthly Skype meetings provided a means of evaluating the progress of the intangible aspects of the business and promoted awareness of the qualitative business items versus the quantitative items I previously identified. Doing the right thing is more important than what is profitable and this (intuitive consulting process) helps keep that focus.

The professionalism with which the monthly meetings were handled by Catrima, as well as her total commitment to the project, promoted a sense of increased credibility and integrity.

On a few separate occasions over the 3 years that Catrima was involved with my company, had she not provided the key and very valuable information that she did, there would have been heavy repercussions faced by the organisation.

Catrima received information intuitively for the company not to go ahead with a deal that we were about to sign up with. The deal was almost complete and we had shaken hands, however, Catrima’s first week working with us was the week we were to sign this new contract. She approached me two hours before the signing ceremony and requested to have an urgent meeting with me during which she requested for me not to go ahead with the final signing of the contract. was obviously perplexed and of course had done our due diligence and there was nothing untowardly wrong about it.

However, instinctively I decided to listen to Catrima’s advice and it is just as well that I did. The company we were about to sign up with and commit to and surely would have done had Catrima not intervened, went bankrupt within a month which would have meant we would have lost nearly a quarter of a million pounds.

On another occasion, she correctly advised against employing a young accountant who we were keen to employ after he had successfully passed the three step interview process. On her advice, I contacted our Human Resources Division and asked them to do a recheck and evaluation of his background before offering him a position at my firm. True to Catrima’s word, it was revealed that the young man had been let go from a company five years previously for stealing company funds. Although nothing was proven and he walked away free, Catrima’s judgement and suspicions were clearly right about this man’s shady past.

Overall, working with Catrima Gabrielle has totally opened my mind about what an Intuitive Consultant is and after having used her services, I can categorically say the experience was both humbling and highly educational at the same time. We are still continually consulting
with Catrima after three years of working with her as we feel the value she gives to the company is well worth taking her on for her foresight, highly intuitive skills and the clarity she provides not only to myself but my team as a whole.

I have also consulted Catrima about personal issues and have had major shifts and changes implemented in my life which, I feel, I would not have had the insight to do without her guidance.

Catrima is a highly motivated person and works in complete confidentiality which is extremely important in our line of work. She is professional in her approach and yet highly entertaining, likeable and immensely enjoyable to have around and to work with and I would recommend her with confidence to others seeking to be guided to have more clarity in their organisation.

If you would like further information about Catrima’s work or would like to speak to her with regards to your organisation’s needs, please visit her website at or contact her via email or phone.

[email protected]
Dhaka, Bangladesh +880 1732341687
London, UK +44 7878 954930