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Amazing , totally brilliant has brought me and my horse much closer together

Robin’s Brother,

100% accurate, great insight to my horse, have booked another reading for my dog.

Incredible insight from just a photo. All details provided 100% accurate. A+++++

Amazing insight into my dogs thoughts, Thoroughly recommend and will use again.

GR8! Info provided has enabled me to make positive changes to my interaction with my dogs

DS Evans,

Even though I always knew animals understood everything, the degree of their emotions and the depth of their feelings was unimaginable to me until you were able to communicate with Mya and Miko. You have really given me a reality check and I now know both my cats in a way I could never have imagined.

Mya came to us as an untrustworthy cat who was terrified of everything and everybody. I could gather from her behaviour that she had experienced a difficult past but it was you who opened up my eyes to what her past had been like and what she had endured.

You provided specific details of what type of environment she lived in, the various other cats she lived with and you even tuned into the fact she was outside during the winter months; details I never gave you but was told. You also gave me more difficult details of her past, like she was chased by someone and hit on the head with a bat.

Unfortunately, that detail further affected her life as she later had to go through major surgery in her inner ear, which had probably been caused by that incident. After you communicated with Mya about her past issues, she truly began changing her attitude towards us and others. She seemed more trustworthy and content.

Communicating with you gave her a sense of trust in people she never had before. Telling us about Mya’s past also helped us help her cope with all that she had gone through. We implemented the changes you suggested and quickly noticed a change in her behaviour, and so did our friends and family. You made such a difference to not only her but us as well. Thank you so much for helping us understand our cats so well and to say we are closer to them both than ever before would be an understatement! We now have an even stronger appreciation for her and I know she has such an enormous trust in us. The bond we have with her is unimaginable. I can honestly say it would not be like this if it weren’t for you.

Shareen, Canada

Hello ,
Thank you for talking to Talis, lol its very true very very true, my other horse broke his foot so that is the connection there, and lol I always have a brown leather bag on me lol. And you summed his personality up very well…he is so kind and so sweet. His injury behind on his right hind leg is a lameness he has always had from when i got him and we have never found the problem. Vets just told me it’s an old problem that has just left him with a funny gait.

I do not know much of his past and it sadens me what he has seen but I would imagine it would be true as it was not a nice place. I am glad he is happy and so pleased that he spoke to you. This is something that i have been thinking about for quite some time and finally decided yeah why not lol and I am so glad I did…thank you ever so much. p.s random question but my friend who has recently lost her horse wanted to know if you can talk to him. I said I would ask …thank you so much again, you are amazing, so amazing.

9.33pm Thank you again, I will pass your email on to my friend and I’m sure if she is brave enough she will get in touch as she misses him so much. I think she wants to know if she did the right thing…she did, but she wants him to tell her that, bless her. You can use any thing you wish of what I wrote to you, you’re welcome and you can use our names as we are proud that we had the reading done and I want the world to know lol just how good you are!

I will most proberly be in touch again in the future may be with Talis again in a while or may be one of my new ones as I’m having a few problems there…lol. Thank you ever so much, you are truely amazing. I will try not to worry about the history thing with Talis lol and thank you.

Hollie Blackwell, Rettendon, Essex

If this had not happened to me personally, I would have laughed in your face. I have an open mind, however, was not prepared for what you had to say. Since your intervention, however, Bella has integrated within our family just as we had been hoping and trying for the last 5 years at the expense of hundreds of pounds on dog trainers and animal psychologists.

We had given up all hope and had already spoken to the RSPCA to have them come and take her away. She is our dream dog now and understanding her past ill treatment has helped us to understand her behaviour since we have had her and treat her the way SHE wants to be treated and not the way WE think we should treat her. THANK YOU. You have an AMAZING ability.

I thought I ought to let you know that Molly is now fully recovered from her illness. This I believe is due to your intervention.
The suggestions you made with regards to her were spot on and she is a much happier and healthier cat and I thank heavens I didn’t listen to the vet and have her put down when she was so poorly.
The vet is amused however does not believe we are able to communicate with animals. I have since changed vets!

M Bennets, Brighton

Very accurate reading on my horse, very pleased, very highly recommended.


thanx don’t know what to write cant think of 500 different good statements 2 type.


Absolutely Amazing! Brought depth when I only scratched the surface.


Unbelievable. Read my dog like a book, said things she couldn’t poss have known.

Andy F, Newcastle

Catrima was 100% accurate, very impressed will use again, wonderful lady


I had no prior knowledge of Catrima or her work when she contacted me. I am very sceptical of services or products I have not tried or heard of as there are many “snake oil salesmen” in the horse industry. Catrima asked for just 3 pieces of information for the reading to be carried out. These were a photo of my horse, along with her name and age. I didn’t really think it was possible to find out anything in this way, if I am totally honest.

Catrima came back to me the next day with what I can only describe as an amazingly accurate transcript of the conversation she had with my horse. Many of the things she told me were spot on and I am so impressed with her abilities that I have agreed to her joining our site as a Resident Expert in Animal Communication. If there was ever a sceptic who thought it was all wishy washy, general stab-in-the-dark nonsense, it was me.

Catrima has changed my opinion on this and I would recommend her to anyone who would like to hear what their horses have to say. It is also GREAT FUN!

Sam Mignano,

Thank you! Primrose is here to stay! After the session with you, it helped us to realise that we must overcome the difficulties rather than give up on her. Understanding her personality and dealing with her the way you have found out she wants us to deal with her has made the job so much easier than having to second guess every time. Thank you…will keep you updated.

K Burnes, Lancashire

Cat has an amazing talent, the readings are totally out of this world. Totally amazing, well worth every penny I will do it again and again so true.Great reader, gives 110%, HIGHLY recommend her work!!TY!

T Tomlinson,

Catrima is one of those people who you can’t stop talking to! During our conversation the time flies out the window and we may have had a session on the phone for over an hour and a half and still it doens’t seem to be long enough!! Throughout our session she is constantly coming up with pieces of information relating to my animals, my dogs Nelson and Mandy, and my two cats, Winnie and Poo.

She was able to pick up issues with my pets within the first 5 or 10 mins into the session and that is amazing considering that some of the issues were to do with their emotions and nothing to do with their physical body. Once the issues were pinpointed, she then went on to advise me on how to deal with them and told me exactly what to change and do differently to make them get over their problems. She actually told me how each of my animals felt towards each other! She is able to say the reasons also of why they have hang ups about each other and goes on to advise on a course of action.

After literally YEARS of keeping them apart, we now enjoy all four of our animals together at the same time IN THE SAME ROOM! It’s incredible how she does what she doIt’s She says she telepathically communicates with them to explain how she wants them to behave and they just LISTEN and does what she asks them to do! Incredible but true! I’ve seen this stuff work and have full faith and great respect for what Catrima does and how she does it.

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her to others and have in fact introduced her to loads of my friends and family who have also had the benefit of her expertise in this field. Thanks Catrima from the bottom of my heart and the tips of my pets paws! Love and light.

Tracey D, Manchester

Fantastic Stuff. Definitely would recommend the communication to others.


Cat described the personality of my horse to the letter! Am very impressed…excellent reiki skills too.

Jack M,

Fabulous communication with my two dogs, very thorough, Highly recommended.