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Catrima was instrumental in helping me decide about a massive move in my life. I was offered a job in Australia and she tuned in to my situation to see where and what I was heading towards and came back to me with the two paths which she could see the outcome of. She calls this Remote Viewing and was able to describe the very house I would be moving into! It was errily accurate and even the broken hinge on the front gate was something she told me about before I moved into the house!

She could see what would happen if I moved and also described what my life would be like if I didn’t take the job offer, these were the two paths she could see in front of me. It made the decision so much easier to make as I was dreading leaving my family and friends behind however, what Catrima was able to see for me in my new life was somthing that I could’nt NOT take up! She’s amazingly accurate and will tell you exactly what she feels and sees and is also honest enough if there is something she can’t quite get clearly. I use her abilities often and have never been let down by her.

Catrima did a telepathic reading for me regarding a relationship problem I had been having. My experience with Cat was very positive, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking, as I did, to communicate with a loved one on a deeper level than had previously been possible.

In my case, some people are highly resistant, or even unable, to express their thoughts and feelings in words, and this form of communication is highly effective in this case.I feel certain that Cat did communicate with my loved one, and was able to convey my feelings to him which, even though I had personally expressed them to him before, he had not really taken in and heard. During one such “tuning in session” with Cat, he actually expressed that fact that this was the first time he had understood my true feelings for him.

This, in a sense, was a break through in my relationship with this person, and I owe this break through in communication to Cat. I do not yet know the full ramifications of this communication in terms of our every day lives together, but I feel that the sessions were a success, just based on the fact that he revealed to us that he had heard me speak to him from my heart for the first time, and understood and accepted it.Thank you Cat, from the bottom of my heart, for enabling me to speak to this person and be heard.


WOW!!!!!! So much information from just one picture! I wanted to know about her personality and what she was looking for in the relationship and you gave me enough details to KNOW that this is the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life! You have helped me to make up my mind about something which would have taken me years to find out about. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Rob B, London

Catrima thank you so much…can’t say how much you helped me over the past 4 months. God bless you for all the time and effort you’ve given to see me through the last few dark months. I feel now I can handle anything. You’re truly blessed. Thank you.

Ranjeet K, Bristol

Great reader, gives 110%, HIGHLY recommend her work!!TY!

Cat has an amazing gift, she is in touch with the deepest spiritual healing!

wow! this was really good…very much appreciated!!


I first heard of Catrima when she did a reading for my son’s dog. I took her number and asked for some help in a relationship matter concerning my neice.

She had been involved with a man for about 6 months and though no one could put a finger on the problem, we all felt uncomfortable around him and felt he was not the right person for her to be with. When Cat tuned in, she found out details about this man which we had no idea about.Not only was he already married and still with his wife (he didnn’t tell my neice about this marriage) but had a police record as long as his arm. We would have accepted him had he told us the truth however keeping these things to himself and not telling my neice was not what my neice deserved. My neice was told about this and when checked, found out almost every detail Cat came up with was right, even down to the fact that he had broken a leg two years ago and had a scar on his knee.Cat is unique and truly someone special.

Debbie S, Canterbury

Dear Catrima, Just a few words of thanks to you my dear. Within a week of your session the call came! What a shock though I shouldn’t have been so shocked after what you managed to uncover! I noticed a change in him within a couple of mins into our conversation and just felt more easy talking to him and gave him a chance to explain just as you had said I should. Never thought he would call and be that gracious about the whole thing.

Also another point is that he IS going to South Africa! How could you have possibly known that. He has said I am welcome to visit any time which is something incredible after the 9 months of silence from him. Thank you so much for all you have done. Your insight is remarkable and your advice second to none. Thank u thank u thank u! You can see what a difference you have made to my life…Good luck in all your future plans my dear.

Gillian T, Lanarkshire

Cat is spot on…Lord knows how, I don’t even know how but she just gets it totally…it’s not even like I have to explain anything…she just seems to know. Still manages to surprise me every time…

Kerry, CA, USA