Animal communication

Tuning in with Animals

Reasons Why You May Want To Tune In With Your Pet

  • Communicating with your pet ensures a better understanding between human and animal helping you to bond more closely
  • Understand your pet’s fears and anxieties so that you are able to avoid things which make your pet nervous or fearful
  • Communicating with your animal enables you to assess both the physical and the emotional health of your pet (please always seek the help of your vet if there is a physical problem as I am not qualified to treat animals’ physical ailments)
  • It’s a fantastic way to sort out any behavioural issues which your pet may have and it’s also possible to negotiate compromises between your pet and yourself…Yes, they can be bribed!
  • Communicate any changes to help ensure a smooth transition to new situations, for instance, house moves, new arrivals within the family or if you are having to go away for a while leaving your pet behind with family or friends
  • Find out your pet’s background and history before he joined you in your life – especially useful if your pet has come from a rescue shelter
  • Allows you the chance to hear exactly what your pet has to say about his life, the people around him and the things that are important to him
  • Communicating with your animal simply opens the door to a better relationship between your pet and yourself and many have noted a much deeper bond and friendship after a communication session

My Work

When I tune in with any being, human or animal, I am able to receive communication from them through pictures, feelings, words, thoughts and their emotions. All Animal Communicators work differently. I receive more of the animals’ feelings which are felt in the pit of my stomach.

I also absolutely get a direct conversation with them. Their emotions, whether they are happy ones or sad ones, are translated to me in a way that I will understand. The easiest way to explain is that I get ‘blocks of feelings’ which are conveyed to me in the exact way that I would understand them.

For instance, I once tuned in with a very playful kitten. She came through to me standing on her back legs with her arms outstretched walking towards me very much like a baby who had just learnt to walk! She was full of life, happy and very very mischievous with some very naughty habits which we were able to sort out, much to the relief of her owner!

This tiny kitten showed me in her own way that she was a very happy little soul. She wanted me to know that she was happy and playful and I also got the feeling that she was treated like a baby in the family because she showed me a rattle (!) which I understood to mean she was literally treated like a baby in the family – hence her walking like a baby towards me too.

At the end of the reading during feedback, I learnt from the owner that all her children had left home and having Bessie in the house felt like having a baby in the house all over again. This is exactly what little Bessie wanted me to know and exactly what her owner later confirmed.

You see, sometimes I will be shown symbolic signs. When did you last see a cat walk like a human baby holding a rattle? This does not usually happen! However, this is what I was shown as a symbolic gesture from the kitten to allow me to understand how she was feeling and how, since the children had all grown up and left, the owner was now treating her like her little baby…!

Unfortunately, I also feel the physical pain of an animal or a person I am tuning into. They may be hurting on a particular part of their body which I tend to pick up around the same place on my body.

A dog I tuned in with recently through a photograph had broken his leg and I was able to say exactly which leg was broken and where as I could pick up the pain on exactly the same part of my body. The owner had made no mention to me about the accident prior to the reading.

I do most of my consultations via emails and telephone rather than in person so that I am not distracted by the physical characteristics of the person or animal. The information I am receiving is pure and not tainted by outside influences and distractions.

Please check out the ‘Any Questions?’ page for more answers to questions which I am frequently asked about my tuning in sessions.

Sometimes, I will be asked by the client to visit an animal and meet in person. In such cases, I will still ask for a photo of the animal beforehand and will do a full reading at home before the visit as I don’t want the animal’s behaviour to influence me in any way during the tuning in session.

I will then visit with the animal and answer any further questions and queries that the owner of the animal may have and tune in again with the animal to get the answers there and then.

Just like people some animals are naturally talkative and some prefer to remain quiet and serious until they are ready to open up to me. The communication that arises from a tuning in session will depend completely on the personality of the animal and how much he or she wants to trust me with.

I am usually given a set of questions by the pet owner, however, it is up to the animal whether they want to answer those questions or not. There have been times when the animal has completely ignored all questions asked and yet came out with a lot more detailed information about himself which the owner had no idea about! It turned out that the owner learnt a lot more about her pet than she would have done had the animal simply answered the questions that he had been asked.

At these sessions, the animal will ALWAYS throw in information which can be substantiated by the owner. For example, I may be told what type of car the owner drives, how many people live in the house or a nick name of a family member that only the family know about. I’ve even been told by a dog that the lady of the house never finishes what she starts and made reference to a part of the living room where there is paperwork strewn all over and how he (the dog) got told off for sitting on the files on the floor! All of this was, of course, substantiated by both the “lady of the house” (this is how the dog termed her!) and by her husband.

Each animal is an individual with their own personality, agenda and purpose, again just like we humans are. Some animals even have advice for their humans which is sometimes a surprise but always useful advice for the owners!

I treat each being I tune in with great respect and love. We are all individuals with our own personalities, our own worries and our own beliefs and these MUST always be respected.

My job is to find out what they would like their owners to know about them, how they would like to be treated and anything else which they are concerned about. I believe it is my job to see them as individuals and to relay their messages to their people as accurately as possible enabling both parties to become enlightened in the process and have a bond which is always even deeper than before the communication session.

Even if you have no questions you need the answers of from your pet, you may just want to pass on messages to your pet, and this is also possible. In the past, I have conveyed thoughts and messages to an animal when the owner was due to go away on a business trip or on holiday, and this meant the animal was content and happy while the owner was away because he was told that his person was coming back and not abandoning him.

Whatever your reasons for an animal communication session, you can take it as a given that you will walk away from it knowing more about your furry (or feathery) friend than you ever thought possible!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”-Mahatma Gandhi