This is the boring part of what I do, but I must state these terms and conditions and you must read them (sorry!) if you are wanting to purchase any of my services from this website. It’s important that you understand all that is written here so that misunderstandings are not formed before, during and after receiving one of my services.

Upon using the services on this site for yourself and/or on behalf of your pet, you are agreeing fully to the terms and conditions stated below:

All consultations, whether via the net (e-mail), telephone or in person, are for entertainment purposes only You must be aged 18 years or over to be eligible for a consultation with me. Reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that those who purchase a service from me are 18 years and over, however, due to the difficulty in knowing this for sure on the net, I cannot and will not be held liable for such misrepresentation and will hold NO liabilities for any consultation obtained under false representations.

Services & Readings offered on this website are at my discretion and convenience and all services are subject to availability and may be changed at short notice.

I, Catrima Gabrielle, accept no liabilities as a result of any distress that you are, were or could experience in the future as a result of any consultation given by me or your lack of your own personal negligence in seeking out professional help. That is your responsibility and liability solely.

If you are in any form of distress, whether emotional, mental, physical, medical or financial, you should seek professional help and not depend on my consulation to overcome your problems. Please remember that the law states services of this nature (remote viewing/telepathy/psychic) are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace medical care by a professional such as a doctor (or a vet in the case of animals).

By booking a consultation with me, you are hereby agreeing that you and you alone are fully liable for any and all liabilities associated with any problems that you may have prior, during or after your session from one of my services.

You alone are responsible for yourself, your life path and the fulfilment of your destiny as ultimately you have the power of choice and the choices of direction will always remain your own.  I cannot make them for.