I do not charge for any work carried out for animal charities, animal shelters and animal rescue organisations and any consultation time given free of charge is for these organisations ONLY.

Please allow me to give my free time to animals who are in serious need of help and cannot pay for services of this nature and I would therefore really appreciate if you would not ask for free readings and take up the time that I could be spending on animals/charities who are in desperate need. Many thanks for your understanding.

10% of funds from each consultation will be given to charity, for both animals and people.

Details Of Consultations Offered For Animal Communication.

Please note that all consultations must be scheduled in advance for all readings and tuning in sessions. I understand that there may be occasions when you may require an appointment urgently and I will do my best to accommodate at these times, however, please understand that this may not always be possible. Details of what is required for the consultation session is at the bottom of this page.

It is extremely important to know that your doctor should be your first port of call for yourself and your local vet for your pet. Please do not depend on my consultations as a replacement for a health professional at any time as I am not a doctor nor am I authorised to administer medication.

Tuning In Sessions For Pets

45-minute Phone Consultation For One Pet

£ 75.00

Perfect for an in-depth look into the life of your pet. This session will allow you to learn about your pets’ personality, his/her emotional issues and any physical problems which you can find out about and discuss with your vet for further investigation. If your pet has come from a shelter or a rescue centre, this session will enlighten you a little more about your pets’ past history and background and thus help with any underlying issues which are causing a disturbance in your pets’ life.

30-minute Follow-Up Consultation

£ 50.00

This 30-minute phone consultation is a follow-up ONLY available to those who have already purchased a 45 minute or 1 and a half hour consultation within a three-month period. This is the perfect way to tune in with your pet again to see how he/she is feeling since the tuning in from a previous session. This is only available strictly within 3 months of any previous consultations.

60-minute Phone Consultation For Two Pets

£ 120.00

This session is for a one-hour phone consultation for two pets. All other aspects of the tuning in session will be same as above but will run for one hour to include two pets.

30-minute Telepathic Message Transfer Session

£ 40.00

These sessions are strictly for returning clients only. The 30-minute session will involve tuning in with your pet telepathically to ensure they are aware of certain issues which you would like them to know about. I will already have previously connected with your pet for past sessions and your pet will feel familiar with me and will be more willing to listen.

These 30 minute sessions can be used to make your pet aware of any changes in the family, if you are going away on holiday, if there is a new arrival in the family you would want them to know about, if there are any visits to the vet you would like them to be aware of, etc. They can be made to feel more comfortable with a situation which previously they had become anxious about. These sessions can also be used during training to help them to understand what they are being expected to do. Please note these sessions are done remotely and there will not be any phone contact.

2-hour Call-Out Consultation For Up To Two Pets

£ 250.00

This two-hour consultation is designed to be at your home where your pet lives (or at the stable where your pet is kept). This form of consultation is useful for a prolonged reading or where you have a number of issues which you need to get resolved for up to two pets.

For this consultation, I will still require you to send in photos of your pet(s) and a full and thorough reading will be done before the date of your consultation.

The time spent during your home consultation will be spent with extra tuning in and any further questions you may still have with regards to your pets’ issues. Please note that I am happy to travel up to 10 miles from my home and any further distances will require to be met for petrol and time expenses. Please e-mail me for further details and to inquire about these charges.

30-minute Remote Reconnective Therapy For One Pet

£ 50.00

This 30-minute distant or remote Reconnective Therapy is available for all animals and is both useful for physical as well as emotional issues. Please ensure that your pet has been checked out by your vet first and my therapy should not be a replacement for a professional healthcare provider. Please keep in mind that Reconnective Therapy is the perfect healing therapy to ease pain and discomfort as an addition to treatment provided by your vet and NOT a replacement for it. Sometimes up to 4 sessions of this nature of therapy may be required for each pet depending upon the reason for treatment.

If you require a personally structured consultation and feel that the above sessions will not suit you, please email me (via the contact us link) and we will then work out a consultation specific to your own personal needs.

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read the full Terms and Conditions BEFORE purchasing any of my services.

Other Payment Methods

As well as payments via Paypal, where you can pay by credit or debit cards, I also accept cheque or postal order payments as well as via internet banking or payments made directly into my bank account.  If you wish to purchase any of the above services by any of these methods, please e-mail me and details of your choice of payment method will be sent to you.  All payments must be cleared before your consultation session takes place.

Please note that all purchases made from outside of the United Kingdom MUST be paid via Paypal in Sterling ONLY.
Thank you!

What Happens Once You Have Placed Your Order For A Consultation?

Once you have made payment and placed your order, you will be sent full instructions in an email (sent to your Paypal email address) which will guide you on to the next steps for your consultation with me. Once I have received your details as per the instructions in the email you will have received, please allow me up to 48 hours to get back to you with a date and time for your session (I will, of course, ensure that it’s a suitable time for you too!). Please ensure that all details requested in my email are sent through to me as quickly as possible to avoid any delays in getting your consultation date and time scheduled. I work on a first come first serve basis and though you may have placed your order before another client, I cannot arrange your session time until all details for the reading has been received by me.

Please note there may sometimes be a waiting time of up to 2 to 3 weeks depending on my workload and other sessions I may have booked prior to your order.

It is extremely important to know that your doctor should be your first port of call for yourself and your local vet for your pet. Please do not depend on my consultations as a replacement for a health professional at any time as I am not a doctor nor am I authorised to administer medication.

What Kind Of Information Is Required for A Tuning In Session?

All requirements will be clearly stated in the email you will receive after placing your order, however, the key requirements for the session will be clear photos of the person with the eyes clearly visible. His/her name and age. You may also ask some questions you would like the answers to (the number of questions will depend on the length of the session time you have purchased and this will be stated in the email you will receive from me after your purchase). Please also let me know the relationship between yourself and the person you are asking me to tune in with and general areas you would like me to look into.

10% of funds from each consultation will be given to charity, for both animals and people.

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