"Use intuition to Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary”

"Use intuition to Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary”

Take for example the very second you open your eyes when you wake in the morning. What is the first thing that comes into your mind? Do you groan with the thought that, yet again and too soon, it’s Monday morning? Do you have to literally force yourself out of bed with annoyance at the thought of getting the kids up and ready for school, having to pick through tantrums and bad behaviour over breakfast? Do you dread the thought of going into work and doing the same thing over and over like yesterday, and the week before and the month before?

Or, do you actually open your eyes in the morning with a sense of anticipation and excitement over the coming day? Do you feel your heart beat that little bit faster knowing that just about anything can happen in the next 16 hours or so until you hit the pillow again for another restful night of sleep?

If the first scenario is more close to home for you, then you need to inject a little bit of magic into your subconscious mind in order to wake up to feeling more alive and purposeful.


We are so used to living life in the same way as we have always lived life that we live each day expecting to have the same things happen to us as the day before. When we expect the expected, that is exactly what we end up with – the expected. How would changing your thoughts create a day any different to the one you spent yesterday?

How about if the answer were to be “in a miraculous and magical way”?

Each day, we also come across some minor irritations, which we manage to swat away successfully (and sometimes it takes a bit more effort to make the problem go away) and then we carry on with what we are supposed to do and get on with the next part of our day. And then there may be another issue which we come up against, and if we’re lucky, again we may be able to deal with it and give ourselves a pat on the pack for having resolved the issue, and away we go again to the next part of our mundane life.

We shuffle from one problem to the next and from one mundane task to another, without actually knowing what is around the corner simply dealing with each obstacle as it comes our way. How would it feel if, magically, we were able to know what was coming up and not only that, but were able to know exactly what to do and what decisions to take, in order for the outcome to be exactly how we would want them to be?

Ordinary into Extraordinary

What the vast majority of the human race don’t seem to realise is that we are, in our own limited way, leading lives which we have created ourselves. We do what we are always expected to do. We say, on the whole, what we are expected to say. And most importantly, we think the way we have always thought. When we do these things the same way every day, we experience life in the same way every day.

When starting out, the key thing is to keep it simple and keep it flowing. This is just the beginning and a basic few steps towards the right direction. Start using the simple techniques below and your mundane day can be transformed into a day which holds exciting opportunities which you would ordinarily miss if your intuition is not set up to receiving mode.

1. Zone Out

This is very easy for most people as many of us are actually zoning out when our day has been long and tiring. However zoning out when we are alert is the key. Zoning out accidentally and zoning out with purpose and intention are two entirely different things and which will bring vastly differing results. Make it a habit to take a few minutes in your day to breathe and relax and clear your head of all the things which are cluttering up your mind. Zoning out will allow inspirational thoughts to come flying in. This is when your mind is actually in receiving mode and will open up to new ideas forming and new directions being pointed out.

2. Carry a notebook with you

These days, we all have the world in our pocket in the form of mobile phones and tablets. It’s very easy to never be out of the reach of somewhere to jot down thoughts and feelings that come and go so quickly. Remember, intuitive thoughts and inspirational messages come as a flash (thus the term flash of inspiration) and they are sometimes like dreams that you forget you had as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. The more you write down the more thoughts of ideas and actions to take will flow and the more inspired you will become.

3. Look out for signs.

These are everywhere. We just don’t take much notice of them in our everyday lives. Every sign has the potential to direct you and move you in the right direction. Nothing is ever an accident so if you come across an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time and they invite you for a drink with their friends? take them up on the offer rather than decline. It may well be that their circle of friends are just what you need to get your next venture off the ground.

Try using these simple techniques, to shuffle things up a bit to make your life more meaningful and not so mundane. So, in conclusion; how are we able to shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary?

The answer as they say, (quite literally) lies within you.

It’s called Intuition. We all have access to this thing which many find difficult to acknowledge or that only a few select people have in abundance but the fact of the matter is it’s there for all of us to use.

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