The Teenager With The "Drug" Problem|Example of Work

A woman in her mid 40’s suddenly found herself being shut out of her 16 year old son’s life. The first thing to enter her mind was the fact that she believed her son was becoming involved in drugs. She had many reasons to back this up. He was staying out more often than before and when he was home, he would lock himself up in his bedroom. He would not respond when spoken to and would turn away from her if asked where he had been. The woman, lets call her Mary, was scared, worried and didn’t know how to find out what was going on. A friend of hers had recently had a reading with me (I was asked to tune in with her horse) and she passed on my number to her. Once I had the boy’s photo e-mailed (I also asked for a photo of herself so I could tune in to them both to help clarify the situation more clearly) to me I asked her for a brief idea of what was going on and what she wanted to find out. She explained the situation and also told me she feared that her son had gotten involved with drugs.

Instead of being swayed by what she said, I decided to find out for myself. Once fully tuned in to the boys’ subconscious mind, I was able to find out that drugs were the furthest thing on the boys’ mind!

Since the age of 3 years old, the boy had been brought up by his mother single-handedly. They were extremely close and shared everything going on in each other’s lives. This was all the more reason why the mother was frantic with worry as her son had never before kept anything from her.

As I began to tune in, all I seemed to be getting was the feeling of guilt. When I probed further, I found that the boy had recently fallen in love with a girl at school. The guilt was felt by him as he knew his mother had brought him up through a lot of hardship but with a lot of love. He knew that he was all she had and was unable to come to terms with telling his mother that there was now someone in his life that he loved and cared for. I transferred my thoughts to him telepathically, telling him that he should tell his mother about his girlfriend and that she would really be happy (and relieved!) that that was all it was.

After the session, I told Mary that there was nothing to worry about and that drugs were DEFINITELY not the issue! I did not tell her the real reason for her son’s behaviour as I like to leave it up to the person to come out and speak for themselves when they are ready. I find that 9 times out of 10, they will talk out the problem with the other person within a short time after a tuning in session anyway. I knew that by telling Mary not to worry and that drugs were not involved was putting her mind at ease and this was already making the way clear for her son to speak to her about the real issue which was the cause of so much tension between mother and son unnecessarily.

About 5 days later, I received a phone call from Mary and the sound of laughter in her voice made me smile for three days afterwards!

She explained that her son had been behaving sheepishly because of his guilt at having a girlfriend when he knew that he was all his mother had. I asked Mary how she felt about the whole thing. She told me that she didn’t quite know what to say or didn’t know quite what I had said to him telepathically but the day after I had tuned in, he kept approaching her, half started a conversation and then back tracked and went back to his room. Something was making him at least TRY to talk to her about what was on his mind and because I had told her drugs were not the issue, she had felt more relaxed and was happy to simply wait for him to tell her what the problem was. Eventually (on the 5th day after the tuning in session), he opened up and told her about his girlfriend and that he wanted them both to meet. I asked her how she felt about him having a girlfriend and she said she had never been so relieved as she felt now and that she would have been happy knowing anything now that she knew drugs were not the problem!