The Parrot & The Dog With The Red Nose

I had an interesting connection with a parrot about two weeks ago which was both enlightening and funny! He’d been rather down the past 3 months or so and his owner wanted to find out the reasons behind his sullen mood and uncharacteristic bad behaviour. By the end of the session we had not one reason for his feeling down but several, which were all written down and read to my client (it was a phone session).

When I receive a request to do a reading of an animal (or a person, for that matter), I ask for some basic details from the client. The details requested will be a) the name of the pet b) his/her age c) background of what the issue is that is causing concern d) a list of questions that the owner of the pet would like to know from the animal.

Below is just some of the information that came through from a reading that I did for a parrot with some interesting results 🙂

Issues and concerns from the parrot which were picked up during my time communicating with him

1. Ernest (the parrot – yes I know!) didn’t appreciate the change in environment and felt very upset that it was not his “usual place”. He told me he didn’t like where he was and would like to be back where he belonged. This was confusing for me as I didn’t feel he was a new pet in a new house and it seemed to me that he was in a “different” place but the same house where he had been for years and years. He made it very clear he did not like the room at all and made special reference to the “stale smell” in the room and that the colour of the room was all “old and stuffy”.

2. Ernest made reference to a dog with a “red nose”. I asked Ernest for clarification about this as, quite frankly, I’d never before come across a dog that had a red nose! He went on to talk about other things and I wasn’t quite getting what the red nose was all about so we went on to other issues he wanted to speak more about. I made a note to ask my client about the dog with the red nose when I spoke to him later on the phone/Skype.

3. Ernest relayed to me about feeling bloated and uncomfortable in the stomach area. I was made aware that the discomfort got particularly intense at around 9pm and later on in the evenings. I asked him if he could let me know what it was and how he could be helped. He showed me grapes in his food bowl and that he was eating too many grapes! I asked him not to eat them if he didn’t want them to which he replied that if he was given them he would eat them all. Telepathically he conveyed to me to ask his owner not to leave so many in his dish in the evenings and so there wouldn’t be an opportunity for him to nibble on them all night.

4. Ernest “made” me smell a strong citrus smell which was quite overpowering and made me feel quite sick. When animals want me to smell something during a connection, they literally allow me to smell the exact same smell they are describing through my own sense of smell. This way I can know for sure what the smell is that they are trying to describe and they even exaggerate the power of the smell to make their point! Well, Ernest certainly did that and it had me chocking back and feeling quite sick!

5. Ernest showed me an old bike which had been in an accident and was all mangled up. He then went on to show me a little boy with blonde hair with his left leg in plaster where he had obviously broken his leg in a bike accident. I felt that this had already happened and was shown to me as a point of reference by Ernest so that his Master (this is how he referred to his owner!) would know that a true connection had been made during the communication. Animals do this at every connection – it may have no relevance to the actual topic of concern but the details are given to me nonetheless as a way of leaving no doubt to the owner that his pet had genuinely “spoken” to me during the session.

Explanations and clarifications from Ernest’s owner during our phone consultation

After the connection was made and I had my findings from Ernest (the above is just a few of the things that were discussed, there are just too many to write about here!), I had the phone session with the “Master” – Ernest’s reference to his owner 🙂

1. The change in Ernest’s environment turns out to be the family home was being re-decorated and he’d been moved to the dining room temporarily. This clarified my confusion as I knew he was not a new pet in a new home. When I spoke to his owner, he confirmed that the dining room was not much used and that they had not aired the room for a while thus the “stale” smell in the room. He also informed me that the room did have a “Victorian” element to it (the parrot’s reference of “old and stuffy”) and badly needed an update (hence the house being re-decorated room by room). I was told that Ernest would be back in his favourite room (the main family living room) within a day or two and I then conveyed this to him so that he is aware his concerns were being taken seriously and that he would not be living in the dining room permanently.

2. Ernest’s reference to a “dog with a red nose” was something I was determined to find out about! When I told his owner about this, he chuckled and told me the following: Their neighbour owns some horses in a nearby stable and she often pops round for a chat and a coffee and they sit and chat in the room that Ernest is usually at by the window (before he was moved to the dining room temporarily). About a month ago, a new horse was added to the three others she already owns. This new horse is called “Red Rose” and this lady would often describe the personality of the horse as being more like an obedient dog. This is where Ernest is picking up the “dog with the red nose” as this is what he is hearing and picking up from their conversation! How funny is that!

3. Ernest’s information about being given grapes late at night in his food bowl was confirmed by his owner. When I explained how it made him feel bloated and uncomfortable, it was decided that grapes would no longer be his midnight snack so this should help to alleviate his gassy issues in the middle of the night!

4. I explained about the strong citrus smell that Ernest “forced” me to smell during our conversation! This was explained to me by the fact that they went in and sprayed the room with a can of air freshener to take away the musty smell before putting Ernest’s cage in the dining room. And guess what the fragrance on the can said? You’ve guess it, “Fresh Citrus & Lime”! I suggested that some windows are opened so that this citrus smell is no longer an issue for Ernest and this should easily make him feel better.

5. The little blonde boy in a leg cast and his broken bike was indeed a point of reference. I was told it was his grandson who had had a bike accident last year in their back garden and had broken his left leg (he’s all fine now 🙂

So basically, after this communication session with Ernest, we had some clear ideas of what to do to help make his life better and to sort out some issues which were making him irritable and yes, gassy! An update from his owner a few days ago confirmed remarkable changes in his mood and his general health as they had taken all suggestions and advice about all aspects of Ernest’s conversation with me.

Having a communication session with your pet will highlight issues and concerns that he/she may be currently having. As you can see from the above session, there weren’t any real problems which couldn’t be sorted, however, had we not known from the bird himself (!), he may still have been causing a disturbance to his family as they would never have realised or known just what these issues were that were making him grumpy and uncharacteristically unlike himself 🙂 Happy ending!

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