The Importance of Your Pets' Name

When you call out to an animal or a person, you are not only sending out sound waves but energy too. The story below is a case of a horse being named a word which has a literal meaning. However, often a name which is absolutely fine for one person (or an animal) will be absolutely the wrong energy for another person (or animal!).

About two weeks ago, I did an animal communication for a horse in the States. There were several areas of concern with regards to this absolutely beautiful dark brown 5 year old mare, and the most urgent issue was that she would suddenly bolt before her rider was properly on her back and securely seated. This led to quite a few injuries for both the horse and her owner/carer.

I didn’t need to dig deep for the cause and reason why this horse was so eager to set off before the person riding her was ready to go. This horse was in utter confusion with what she was being asked to do and what she was being called. Her name was Sprinter! And guess what the owner shortened her name to affectionately and would be saying when mounting her? “Hold on Sprint, hold on!” The client admitted she shortened her name to Sprint as a term of endearment which was confirmed after I’d connected with the horse and asked her about it. Can you see how anyone would be confused?!

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I asked the mare if she could have any name in the world, what would it be. She told me, and very confidently too, that she would like to be called Milly. She then shared with me that it sounded a little like the name of another horse in the next stable and just so that I could then ask the owner about it, I asked “Milly” what the colour of the other horse was (as a point of reference) and she told me the horse in the other stable was “as white as snow”. When I spoke to the client on the phone (Skype actually!) I asked her if there was a white horse in the next stable with a name sounding similar to Milly. She told me, her exact words, “yes, actually there is a horse as white as snow called Tilly”. Not only had the mare given me a description and colour of the horse but also described the horse exactly the way that my client had said it – which shows that there is a telepathic connection between the horse and the owner as the client had used those words and the horse had conveyed those exact same description to me during our connection.

This client had another session with me today for a reading of another horse and I enquired about how the mare was getting on. She told me she had taken my advice and had changed “Sprinter’s” name to Milly immediately (as requested by the mare herself!) and since that day there had been no further issues of her bolting before she was instructed to do so. She also told me since the communication, she felt that her bond and connection with Milly was “simply amazing”. This is guaranteed to happen after a communication session….I’ve yet to come across anyone who has said that there had been no difference in the relationship between them and their pets. This is purely due to the fact that the animal feels a huge relief in being “heard” and honoured and thus the positive changes naturally occur in the relationship between carer and animal.