The Dog With Two Names|Example of Work

 I once read for an elderly couple who picked out a little Yorkshire Terrier from the local dog shelter after their beloved Yorkshire Terrier died at the ripe old age of 15. The new dog was 5 years old was called Terry by his previous owners. He would be perfectly fine when called by the name Terry by the man, however if his wife called him Terry, he would attack her! When I tuned in, Terry told me that the female voice (the elderly lady) MUST call him Terrance! When I asked the woman to call him Terrance and not Terry, the dog was absolutely fine! However, the man HAD to call him Terry! I found that the previous owners (a man and a woman) called him Terry and Terrance respectively. Somehow, this was very important to the dog and he felt secure and felt a sense of belonging if things regarding his name remained the same as with his previous owners. During the session, I also found out that the little Yorkshire Terrier had been through a lot of house moves and thus felt very insecure about his surroundings and environment and I was able to find out a lot of in-depth detail about exactly how he wanted to be treated and when and where he liked to be taken for walks, etc. The transition of owning a new dog and getting used to a new environment for a dog who had had many house moves was made much easier for both parties when real in-depth details of likes and dislikes were found out during a good tuning in session.