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Master Intuition
Animal Communication

Tickets for this weekend workshop can be purchased for the day
and workshop of  your choice or special discount available for purchase of tickets for both days (see below).

Saturday 26th October 2013 ~
Master Intuition With Joanne Figov & Catrima Gabrielle

Sunday 27th October 2013 ~
Animal Communication ~
Learning How To Communicate With Your Pets Telepathically With Catrima Gabrielle

Bournemouth, Dorset

What Time:
9.15am to 6.00pm (Saturday)
9.30am to 5.30pm (Sunday)

How Much:
£85 per workshop day OR
£150 for both days


Workshop ~ Day One (Saturday 26th October) Intuition & Telepathy
Facilitated by Joanne Figov & Catrima Gabrielle

We are all born with the magic that is intuition. Every day we are intuitively receiving messages from a source which is not only reliable and true, but when understood and applied, can be the difference between making the right and not so right decisions in our lives. Given the opportunity of enhancing our intuitive skills and learning to strategically and systematically putting it to work can mean saving time, energy, heartache and yes, even money.We all have the ability of using our intuition however the majority of us are unaware of the process of accessing this huge area of knowingness that we are simply not utilising on an every day basis.

Join two powerful intuitives, Catrima Gabrielle and Joanne Figov, on this jam packed and fun filled day (check the list below to see just how much will be covered). Your natural intuition will be encouraged to awaken in a way you’ve never thought possible. Those who are already working this way, will find that they progress to another level in their development. However, this workshop is also for those with no background or experience in this field and are interested to know and learn more. Catrima and Joanne both work in very different yet fascinating ways and have almost 35 years of combined experience in teaching workshops and providing intuitive consultations between them and they will share their story on the day. The workshop will help in unlocking and accessing the very part of your being which holds the key to happiness and success in all areas of your life. Their energies have blended together to create this master workshop for you!! Don’t miss out!

So What Exactly Is Covered At This Workshop?

Joanne Figov will be sharing her knowledge & experience of the Power of Intuition during the first half of the day and will cover the following topics. Why being joyful and empowered is part of being intuitive. Intuition or imagination- how do you know? Synchronicity, signs and being in the flow. Types of psychic senses and discovering yours!! Psychic rules you need to know! How your left and right hand brain work for you.
We give you an ‘invocation’ template to open up to intuitive wisdom. Why intuitive vocabulary and symbology is essential for intuitive growth.
Tools of divination- why, what and how. Asking the RIGHT questions How to ground, centre and tune in. Quick fun exercises to hone up your intuitive muscles. Intuitive body painting- have fun!  How to do a simple aura healing for others. Be your own internal guidance system and take charge of your life! Today!!!

Catrima Gabrielle will be leading the second part of the workshop and will be covering the following areas on Telepathy and the Power of the Subconscious Mind. What is Telepathy and how does it work? Telepathy in your every day life. How does Telepathy/Remote Viewing work across great distances? Preparing your mind to begin. Initiating the opening of the third eye to strengthen your skill. How using the help of your spirit guide can further enhance your telepathic skills. Sending Your Message Out To Someone Without Speaking A Single Word. Do you even need to know the person you are communicating with? How to have a complete two way conversation with someone through telepathy. Learning the techniques I personally use to tune in with a person through a photograph. Learning to create & maintain boundaries. Ethics of telepathy ~ respecting privacy of others & knowing when not to probe. Relationship in crisis? Resolve it through telepathy. Career decisions to make? How you can find your answers telepathically. Using the pendulum to confirm & reinforce your telepathic skills.

Exercise : Using photos, we will put to the test all that we have learned today. We have had the ability of Telepathic Communication ALL of our lives, and once you know the “how to’s”, it really is child’s play!

Practical Exercises

There will be practical exercises throughout the day to help guide you to your intuitive and telepathic state and you will also be shown numerous ways of finding real answers to questions you currently may have regarding career, relationships, children and anything else in your life you need insight on. Those wanting an insight on a personal relationship, close friend, colleague or a family member are requested to bring in photos so that you may have an opportunity to tune in and get the answers you have been searching for to make improvements in your interactions with them. Photos taken on your mobile device will work just as well as photos in the traditional format. It’s our belief that everyone of us can find the answers to our challenges within ourselves if only we have the knowledge of knowing how to delve in to our inner selves. We will also be giving each participant a special gift to take away with them so that the learnings from today’s workshop can continue well after leaving at the end of the day.

Workshop ~ Day Two (Sunday 27th October)
Animal Communication ~

Learning How To Communicate With Your Pets Telepathically
Facilitated by Catrima Gabrielle

Did you know that you are capable of understanding fully what your pet is trying to tell you?And did you also know they know exactly what you are thinking and planning in your mind on a day to day basis?

Is your pet feeling under the weather? Catrima shows you how to “speak” to them to ask them exactly what they are feeling. She will also show how body scanning works to help you gain a better understanding of your pets’ discomfort and pain.  When you are away from home, there is a way of tuning in and connecting with them so that you can let them know you are not far and that you will be home soon ~ Catrima shows you how.

Would you like to know about your pet’s past before he/she came to be with you and your family?Are there certain behaviour traits you would like to see improve in your pet? Learn how you can bribe them to behave and be well mannered pets!Are you having issues training your horse/dog?

Find out how you can teach your animal gently and effectively and develop a stronger bond in the process. Each participant will be asked to bring photos of their pets for practical exercises. If you are not a pet owner and do not have access to information of any of your friends pets, photos of animals will be provided for you. Photos on mobile devices will work just as well as traditional photos ~ simply ensure photos are clear and bright. Learn the art of Animal Communication through Telepathy and have the time of your life enhancing your relationship with those furry friends of yours!

Meet your facilitators, Joanne Figov and Catrima Gabrielle
Joanne Figov

A natural healer, Joanne found that her psychic/intuitive side gradually blossomed alongside her work over the years. Working and teaching in the healing and spiritual world for 25 years, she has her own full time clinic in Bournemouth, Dorset.She uses various healing modalities including the Bowen technique (19 years) and is a senior tutor with Bowtech. She loves using Bowen as it works physically as well as energetically/emotionally and is thus truly holistic. For more information about her work:

However for many years, she has quietly been using her intuition in her work, receiving messages and insights for clients either for their life, health or future goals in a clairvoyant way. She has had some powerful and uplifting spiritual experiences, some of which she will share on this day. Her love of the Tarot led her to study and use the cards for the past 20 years as well.With the help of her wonderful spiritual guides, she has successfully integrated her psychic/intuitive work into her career and life as a whole. This awakened intuitive ability has had a huge positive impact on her life. Joanne is excited to share with you how to recognise your OWN INTUITIVE LANGUAGE that is unique for you!

Joanne believes you too can use this amazing intuitive sense inside yourself and the only thing stopping you is negative self belief. She will help unlock this latent ability inside yourself during the first day of this weekend workshop. You will be given a taste of how you can explore and use this natural inbuilt intuitive sense in any area of your life, make the right decisions and allow life to flow for you and be happy.

Catrima Gabrielle

Catrima’s unique ability as an intuitive Remote Viewer & Animal Communicator emerged in 2006 unexpectedly, surprising not only Catrima herself but also those around her. With no prior experience or training in the field up to that point, she found herself suddenly being able to telepathically communicate with the subconscious mind of both people and animals with an exceptional degree of accuracy. In order to find out what she was further capable of doing and to strengthen this new found ability, Catrima researched this phenomenon and has, over the years, been able to help others to embrace and utilise the subconscious mind in a way that was both natural and empowering in their every day lives.

Having finally found her true passion of helping others, she trained in NLP and established herself at Master Practitioner level along with gaining certification in Rapid Phobia Removal, Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy (DCMT), Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (DHP) and is also a Rapid Results Pain Consultant. She has also mastered the ability to remotely work from a distance with visible and tangible differences reported by clients on the mental and physical health of both people and animals. During this time of rapid growth and huge changes within herself, Catrima formed and established her own consultancy business in which she works with people with debilitating addictions and coaching those going through both professional and personal challenges.
For more information about Catrima’s work :

Also a passionate animal lover, with her telepathic, psychic and remote viewing abilities, Catrima has also been working closely with animals and pet owners for the past 7 years on a soul level. Using her innate Animal Communication ability, she has changed the negative behaviours of countless animals who have been abused and mistreated in the past and helped owner and pet come closer together to create a deep and natural bond which previously had not seemed possible. She categorically believes that the ability of communicating with all beings on a telepathic level is not only possible but that we are already geared to do it and are simply unable to do so purely due to our own emotional blockages. She believes that once the blocks have been cleared, we are naturally open to communicate remotely and telepathically on a subconscious level. When asked in workshops how this ability has changed her life, her answer is that it has enabled her life to flow in a positive direction, she feels calm, joyous and in control of her life. And you too can feel the positive flow of life once you tap into this innate ability.

For further details or for more ways to make payment, please contact:

Joanne Figov on 01202 432160 or email: [email protected]
Catrima Gabrielle on 07878954930 or email: [email protected]

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