Past Workshops 2

Every Day Intuition ~ For Every Day People

Sunday 7th July 2013

Grand Connaught Rooms
61-65 Great Queen Street

What Time:
9.30am to 5.30pm

How Much:
Price £85
2 Or More Bookings £70
(tea/coffee/water/refreshments provided)

Telephone: 07878 954 930
E-mail: [email protected]

We are all born with the magic that is intuition. Every day we are intuitively receiving messages from a source which is not only reliable and true, but when understood and applied, can be the difference between making the right and not so right decisions in our lives. Given the opportunity of enhancing our intuitive skills and learning to strategically and systematically putting it to work can mean saving time, energy, heartache and yes, even money. We all have the ability of using our intuition however the majority of us are unaware of the process of accessing this huge area of knowingness that we are simply not utilising on an every day basis. This workshop will help in unlocking and accessing the very part of your being which holds the key to happiness and success in all areas of your life.

Please note that seats are limited.

What Is Covered At This Workshop?

* What Intuition is & What it Isn’t

* Pride, Ego & Logic Vs Gut Feeling ~ How To Tell The Difference

* The One Thing You MUST Do To Be Able To Utilise Your Intuition

* The 3 Things You DO NOT Need To Use Your Intuition, Contrary To Popular Beliefs

* When Absolutely NOT To Rely On Your Intuition

* Meeting Your Very Own Genie In The Body

* The Perfect Time/The Perfect Place?

* Are You Getting Lost In Life? How To Allow Your Intuition To Navigate You Through

* Intuitive Awareness : Looking Out For The Signs

* Getting Down & Dirty ~ What Is Truly Important To You?

* Your Personal Life & Your Career & Finances ~ What Do You Need To Know?

* It’s Not What You Ask, It’s The Way That You Ask

* Be Your Own Medical Intuitive ~ Learning How To Scan Your Body

* There will be a Free Gift For Everyone Attending, plus
I’ll Show You How To Use This gift So You Can use its benefits Straight Away!

* It’s Not The End ~ You’ve Only Just Begun!

Practical Exercises

There will be practical exercises throughout the day to help guide you to your intuitive state and you will also be shown numerous ways of finding real answers to questions you currently may have regarding career, relationships, children and anything else in your life you need insight on.It’s my belief that everyone of us can find the answers to our challenges within ourselves if only we have the knowledge of knowing how to delve in to our inner selves.
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How to book:
Please book and make payment via the Paypal buttons below or email me through our Contact Us page for details of paying via internet or telephone banking.



Eden’s Trust Charity Event

Saturday 27th April 2013

38 Oakside Court
Fencepiece Road

£20 per session

For further information, please visit Eden’s Trust Facebook Events Page


~ The Basics of Animal Communication ~
How Does It Work?!
3 Hours of Learning

When: Tuesday 1st November 2011

6.30pm to 9.30pm

Euston House, 81-103 Euston Street, London NW1 2EZ, London 2 minutes walk from Euston Station (Map)


Please note spaces are limited and booking is required for the price quoted here. If paying on the night, it is £20

The Details

We will have three hours of an evening filled with learnings and the wonder that is Animal Communication! There is so much to learn not only about how to communicate with animals but also so much to learn from our furry friends because very often, they will teach us things we need to know about ourselves and our lives. Not only are we able to pass on our thoughts to them but they too have a lot to say about how they feel about us! It’s amazing to be able to find out the insights of their lives with us and how they generally feel about the world around them. So, what can we expect from this evening? Join me and others to discuss experiences of Animal Communication and learn some tips to start you off in this very intriguing subject.

  • We will have some guided meditation to help open ourselves to receiving their thoughts and feelings
  • The formalities of introduction ~ how to actually begin!
  • There will be some basic steps to connecting with them in order to telepathically exchange thoughts between our furry friends and ourselves
  • The various ways of connecting ~ there are no right or wrong ways ~ it’s a personal and unique experience and we will discuss this in some detail to find out the best way for “you”
  • Recognising and hearing your pet speak to you ~ was it him/her talking or was it your imagination?
  • Discussions ~ how was it for you?! Youu will seriously be amazed at what can be picked up the first time you try! It’s not as hard as it’s made out to be by some people!


The Wonder of Animal Communication
One Day Workshop

Learn How To Connect With Your Pet
Through Telepathic Thought Transfer


Saturday 26th November 2011

9.30am to 5.30pm

MIC Hotel & Conference Centre,
Euston House, 81-103 Euston Street,
London, NW1 2EZ

Workshop Fee:
£85 per person or £150 for 2 people


This is going to be a full day of re-learning the ability that we were all born with. What led us to “forget” an ability that we naturally all possess and have simply forgotten to utilise?  This workshop is catered for all those who are new to this very intriguing subject as well as those who are already able to connect with animals with some success but require some discipline and guidance. All that is really required is an open mind and a deep love for all beings.

On the day, we will also be learning how to use the pendulum to reinforce our findings during our communication with animals. Those who book this event and pay before 12th November 2011 will each receive a free pendulum to take home with them and use to communicate with their pets! I will show you how the pendulum can be used to verify and substantiate your findings during an Animal Communication session. Please note that places are limited and you may want to ensure you book early to avoid disappointment (as well as get a free pendulum)!

The workshop will be a very intense one and those who attend will absolutely leave fully equipped with the tools required to start communicating with animals on a soul level. Although the day will be very concentrated and full of learnings (check the details of all topics covered below), it will also be a fun and exciting day for those who have a deep love for animals and the desire to understand them on a more spiritual level.

All those attending this workshop are requested to bring a clear photo of an animal or pet they own or know quite well (past or present). A clear photo on your mobile phone will be fine to use on the day. Please ensure the eyes of the subject are clearly visible. If you don’t have a pet or know details of an animal belonging to a friend or family, a photo will be provided for you to use on the day.It does not matter if the pet is not yours however, you should know at least his/her basic details, ie gender/age/name and general characteristics so that these can be validated during a tuning in session.

Tea/coffee will be served during the day. Please bring a packed lunch or enjoy one of the many cafes and restaurants near the venue.

How to book: Please book and make payment via the Paypal button above or email me through our Contact Us page for details of paying via internet or telephone banking.
Understanding Intersperses Connection & Communication.

The first part of the morning will be spent in discussing and understanding just what Animal Communication is all about. How does it work, who are the people who can do it, is it learnt or is it something that we are born being able to do? And what can we find out through communicating with animals?

Preparing Your Mind To Begin – It’s all in the mind! 

The 3 essentials ~ Faith ~ Intention ~ Belief
Why are these three words so important when it comes to Animal Communication?

Preparing & Grounding ~ Where are you at??
We will prepare and ground ourselves in order to be more present with guided meditation exercises which will leave you feeling very connected and open to not only receiving telepathic thoughts but also help you be more open to learning

Chakra Clearing ~ The importance of keeping them sparkling in order to transmit & receive thoughts & messages
We will learn about the Chakras and the importance of keeping them working at their optimum level in order to get accurate and precise messages from our pets

Hearing, Seeing, Sensing, Feeling & Knowing Which one are you best at?
We learn each type of intuitive connection and learn how each of your senses work towards communicating with animals. We will do exercises to help enhance your strongest sense and put them to practice during the second half of the day!

Asking Permission ~ Do they even want to speak to you?
The etiquette of talking to animals – Mind your manners! We look at how to approach animals in order to get the best conversations from them and how best to get the most out of an Animal Communication session

Talking to an animal ~ where do you even begin?!
What to say and not say to your pets! We will learn the very important details of the conversations we can conduct with our furry friends and the subjects we should and shouldn’t raise with them

How can you tell you’ve psychically or telepathically connected with an animal?
We will learn about the signs to look for to know for sure that we’ve connected with an animal on a soul level and learn the subtle changes in energy when fully connected

Using a pendulum to reinforce a gut feeling
I show you how to be absolutely sure of your findings when you are unsure about a particular detail by learning how the pendulum works in conjunction with Animal Communication

Where does it all end?
Validation ~ Checking out your findings, how accurate were you?

Animal Communication completely changed my life for the better forever ~ why not allow it to do the same for you too?

One Hour Talk On Animal Communication
Catrima Gabrielle

When : 
Thursday 3rd November 2011


8.00 pm


Guest Speaker:  Catrima Gabrielle
Animal Communicator

Venue :
THE SHIP Function Suite
New Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 2EA.

Entrance Fee:  £5


Redbridge New Learning
& Personal Development Group
Communicating Thorough Telepathy With
People & Animals

Talk By Catrima Gabrielle

Thursday 25th June 2009

What Time:
5.00pm to 7.30pm

Redbridge Teachers’ Centre
Melbourne Road
Ilford, Essex
020 8478 3706/1611

How Much:
Voluntary contribution of between £3 to £5 at the door.


Developing Your Own Personal Psychic Ability –
YES! We ALL Have This Power Within Us!
Catrima Gabrielle

Friday 16th January 2009

What Time:
7pm – 9pm

How Much:
£5 at the door

London College of Spirituality
Swedenborg Hall
Barter St
(off Bloomsbury Way)

0207 242 5626

Please note that seats are limited and if you would like to attend this event,
you must reserve your place at The London College of Spirituality.

Why is it that some people seem to be born with the gift of clairvoyance and others live aimlessly through life with no apparent guidance and help?

It’s truly unfortunate we’re led to believe psychic abilities are handed down from one member of a family to another and limited to a select few …this is simply not so! We ALL have the ability of telepathy, clairvoyance and guidance from sources we cannot always see in front of us, but who, all the same are all around us all of the time.

Find your own personal inner strengths and change your life around by developing your personal guidance system into a source of help and wonder for yourself and those around you and learn to “tune” in with both people and animals.

Please visit The London College of Spirituality to reserve your place.