"How do you talk to an animal?"

"How do you talk to an animal?"

All you need to do is think it and thought transference does the rest! So when a conversation is taking place on a telepathic level, whole chunks of information can be relayed in an instant! The information can have all of the details in one chunk…you can see, feel, hear, sense and smell all at the same time without having to find the words to describe each sensation. It’s instant and whole.

There is no time and space where thought transference is concerned so it’s immediate and all the information can be understood in a millisecond.

Can anyone do it? I believe so, yes. Those who are not able to do it are unable to do so not because they do not have the ability, but because there are other issues which perhaps need to be cleared up within themselves before they are open to it.

There are also different levels of ability. Not everyone is able to dance like a prima dona but there are those who are exceptionally gifted and through practice and hard work become world famous dancers.

That does not mean that others too can’t dance!

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