Daisy, The Snow White Horse |Example of Work

Having connected with a gorgeous snow white horse called Daisy, I wanted to share some amazing things she had to say about herself, her family and other horse friends who live with her….funniest thing was when she referred to her owner as “Tubsy”. When I spoke to her owner during the session and asked her who Tubsy was, she laughed and said her husband had been calling her that since she had put on weight as she was carrying their first child! The only reason details such as names, dates and actual facts come out in a reading is so that the client knows that you are truly connected to them (or the animal you are tuning in with). Sometimes we get asked what is the point in telling us something we already know? Well, the point is, you know what you know but when a reader knows what she is not meant to know, then you know that’s proof there has been a true connection 🙂

Daisy also told me about her fears of an older horse in the next stable who was not feeling too great. I asked her to give me more information and was told that there was a “massive” problem with an old injury the horse had sustained some time ago. Daisy gave me pictures in my mind of an infection under the skin but I just couldn’t see which part of the body she was referring to. Sometimes in a reading, we get symbols and clues to the answer. It’s not always straight forward and easy to tune in and you have to work your way around the thoughts and feelings and pictures that you are sent telepathically. It’s never wrong to ask for clearer signs and usually you will be given another picture or another feeling or sign to show what they are trying to convey to you. When Daisy knew that I was struggling, she tried again and this time she showed me a tyre of a car. I then got the “feeling” of the back wheel of a car and when I probed deeper I was shown the left side of the car (with me standing behind the car). It then became very clear that Daisy was referring to the back left leg of the horse! Although there is a lot of information coming, it all comes in a flash and it’s like receiving the whole story in a millisecond!

When I spoke to the client and conveyed what I had found out about the horse Daisy seemed to be so worried about, she said she would find out and let me know. A few days later, she phoned me and said sure enough, an abscess had developed in an old injury which the horse had been receiving treatment for. And guess where this injury was? His left back leg! Luckily, antibiotics were started immediately which meant that the leg was going to get better and eventually heal completely.

Communicating with an animal does not necessarily mean that you will only pick up details and information about the animal you are connecting with. It may well be that you will receive everything that the animal wants to share and sometimes this could be about other animals around him or her, as well as people and areas of concern which need to be dealt with.

I am teaching Animal Communication regularly on both a one to one basis as well as in groups of up to 10 people. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for more information.