Connecting With Lost Animals in 6 Simple Steps

Connecting With Lost Animals in 6 Simple Steps

For the most part when communicating with a pet, it’s never in a chronological order anyway! There will be pictures, sounds, feelings and symbols which will be thrown our way and we have to put things in an orderly and manageable way in order for us to make any sense of what they are trying to tell us. This is where sometimes, I may tell a client something about an animal and it will be something which may not “seem” right about the pet I am tuning in with. This is not because the pet is lying to us (although this does occasionally happen!) or that I am not picking up the information correctly, but perhaps because the incident I am being told about happened long ago when they were younger or when perhaps they were with a different owner. Often times, the client will come back to me with the recollection of the memory and confirm the original statement from the animal. Time and distance becomes irrelevant where telepathy is concerned although I am lucky in that I am often able to pick up numbers to signify the number of months or years which I “sense” psychically rather than pick up from the animal through telepathy.

This becomes all the more challenging in the case of a lost animal. More than likely, the animal will be frightened and feeling very disorientated in a new and unfamiliar environment. This makes it difficult to pick up clear information from the animal with regards to where they are located as the thoughts sent to me will be very confused and fragmented and broken.

There is, of course, always the possibility that the animal has passed away when away from home in an accident. If this happens in a sudden way, sometimes it’s possible that the animal is not aware that they have left their body and when connecting with them at this point, it will seem as if the animal is still living. These are the reasons many animal communicators are reluctant to take on cases of finding lost animals. There are just too many difficulties to overcome and thus the accuracy cannot always be guaranteed.

Please be aware that when pets go missing, it’s never an “accident”. They wander off because of a reason. We have to understand that we each have a reason for being where we are at any one time. This is no different for animals. They come to us at a time when we need them to and at a time when they need us! I feel that energetically we are drawn to the animal/pet that share our lives and that they are also drawn to us in the same way. This is why a stray cat will target the person at number 23 James Street and not number 25 James Street! They instinctively know where they are meant to be and so will literally be drawn to the person or family they end up with. They also know if they are going to be there for life or for a short time, although I feel this is not written in stone and their stay will depend on many factors and circumstances which may change for them as well as for the family they have adopted.

First Things First

In the case of a lost pet, I always advise my clients to follow a few steps to help their furry friend to find their way back home (if this is what is meant to be).

It’s important to let others know as soon as possible that your pet has gone missing. Often times, neighbours and friends who live around you will have seen your cat/dog and may be able to help in letting you know the direction your pet was going towards. It’s important to do the most obvious things first, ie, make posters and signs to alert the neighbourhood of your missing pet.

Lost dogs can travel incredibly far in a very short time. Get in touch with dog shelters and pounds in the surrounding towns – don’t just limit it to your own town.

Once you have physically taken care of the obvious first steps, it’s time to do a little “internal” work.

1) Grounding yourself : This is a very important step as you will then be well connected to receive information in a clear and concise way to aide you in locating your missing pet. Find yourself a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Place your feet flat on the floor and breathe in deeply. On the exhale, picture the excess energy flowing out of your feet and into the earth. Keep doing this until you feel calm. Breathe deep from your root chakra at the base of your spine and visualise yourself breathing up through your feet. Feel and see the earth beneath your feet, you may even want to imagine the smell of the earth, the touch of the soil etc.

2) Then visualise roots growing from within the earth, wrapping firmly around your feet and ankles, up around your calves to the knees. See these roots anchored securely deep within the earth. Be safe in the knowledge that any energy that isn’t your own will leave your auric field and will travel down these roots into the earth and be transformed into positive energy. This takes a few minutes and you can take as much time to do this as feels comfortable for you.

3) Next, imagine the very top of your head opening up to receive information from the higher realms with strong and powerful white light coming in through your head into your entire body. This is from where your knowledge is received πŸ™‚ Imagine the light traveling and flowing into your blood stream and into every cell in your body. Again take as much time as you feel comfortable doing this.

4) In your creative imagination, visualise a golden light extending from your heart to that of the animal you are trying to locate. Drop your thoughts from your head to your heart and through this golden light, send thoughts of encouragement and love. Try to not use words but convey the words into feelings as best as you can (practice makes this really work well!). Animals pick up energy rather than words and your thoughts of love and encouragement will have a vibration and energy which will be picked up by your pet. This will then work as a clear channel for your pets return (should he/she wish to return πŸ™‚

5) At this point, you may or may not pick up a sense of something coming back from your pet. If you are lucky and get a response the first time you do this (yippee!) then rest assured that it is NOT your imagination, but it is actually your pet connecting with you! This is an incredible feeling the first time it happens but don’t get distracted and continue focusing and connecting with your pet. It is at this point that it’s very much possible to have a two way conversation with your pet. You may receive pictures, hear sounds, feel feelings in the pit of your stomach or get a sense of just knowing something which just feels like it didn’t actually come from you. This is real CONNECTION!

6) Ask the animal to give you a sense of where they are. Soothe them and pet them in your mind and to make this work, really put your feelings into the whole procedure. When I communicate with an animal I am sometimes moved to tears with the emotions that are transferred in both directions.

When you’ve finished communicating with your pet, ensure that you close off the top of your head with thanks to the higher realms for the help and assistance. Also remember to pull back from the roots at your feet though I sometimes feel good being grounded most of the time πŸ™‚

These basic first 6 steps will help to make a connection with a pet whether they are lost or safely by your side.

As mentioned above, pets have their own reasons for doing the disappearing act although it leaves us distraught and worried sick. Each animal will have their own reasons for leaving home and some of the common reasons I’ve found when doing a reading is that the house they were living in was just becoming too noisy with “visitors” or there were arguments and fights in the house which they found really disturbing. Then again, I’ve found some animals have said “there were no reasons why I left…it was just time to go so I left”. Simple?!

Whatever the case, we have to understand and respect that it’s the pets wish to leave and though we should do what we can to ask them to reconsider coming back, in the end they have free will to do as they please. All we can do in the end is wish them well and bless them for being in our lives as long as they have chosen to be.

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