Calling Upon Our Inner Guide

Calling Upon Our Inner Guide

On Friday, I had a client who had a two hour session with me to help enable him to connect with his intuition and be more open to being guided in his life. This was not a “reading” as such but more a very condensed version of my workshop covering just one area which he felt he was struggling with.

He told me he had been feeling blocked and unable to move forward with his business and some official work that he was trying to get done and waiting to hear back from another party. He’d been trying to get this sorted for the past 8 months and nothing was moving and he was getting more and more frustrated due to constantly having to go back with more information each time. The way he described it was that a wall would come down and he would struggle to get past it.

The two hours were very intense however throughout the session, I felt extremely connected to a very new type of energy and I could feel my client shift within a few minutes into his session. He told me he felt “strange” but clearer in his thoughts and I advised him not to think too much about it and to simply allow himself to receive whatever it was he felt was coming to him.

This morning, I received this email from him (personal details have been removed):

“Cat, my xxxxxxxx, that I had been waiting on for so long came through in the post this morning! If you remember I had been waiting for this since the middle of January of this year and it was expected to be with me within 6 to 8 weeks and it had never come. I had been feeling blocked and stuck for so long and was on the point of giving up until Friday when you did whatever it was that you did. I felt the shift straight away and you will have noticed my tears (sorry about that! I got a bit emotional!) I couldn’t stop thinking about it all weekend and what you did – all very new and a bit intimidating if I were to be honest but I suppose that’s because I have never been open to this sort of thing before. I have what I need now to move forward and will be reading up on the notes I have from you from Friday. I am not stopping now! Will be practising all the new processes you have taught me and though I know I have a long way to go, I now feel a renewed energy and excited to see what else is ahead! Hope to keep you updated with my progress. None of this would have made any sense to me without your help. You’re very patient too and sincere thanks for that. Best wishes.”

So what was it that happened during the session? I simply assisted him towards his own intuition and showed him the way to communicate with his inner guide. This enabled him to come to his own answers which then worked towards unblocking the massive energetic wall that he had built carefully over the last few years of his life.

Few people realise that within us all, there is a valuable resource that can provide strength, wisdom and a certain knowing that guides us towards the kind of life that we all are deserving of. This resource is your inner guide, and once you know how to tap into it, the effects can be simply astounding.

Our inner guides wear many “hats”. I choose to call my helpers my “Advisors”. It’s to them I turn to when I need answers and a clearer direction to move towards in life. You see, we don’t have just one guide doing everything we need at a time. We have many “helpers” who each step in to guide us on any specific question or dilemma we may have at any given situation. It’s not our job to call out to the right guide for help but to simply place a question “out there” and it’s the job of the rigth guide to come forward and offer suggestions. And that’s all they will be – suggestions. You will never be told what to do or be ordered to take certain steps in your life. You will simply be guided. If your answers are coming to you thick and fast with orders of “do this” or “do that”, simply recognise that these are actually your logical thoughts kicking in and you are being guided by your ego!

Having said that, when I ask a question about a certain situation with regards to another person or a question regarding a factual matter, I am told firmly what the answer is. I am not being guided here, I am literally being told about the actual fact. Having been in this line for the past 10 years, I have come to recognise the two areas the answers come from and the times when it’s suggested and the times when I am told in no uncertain terms!

Our own individual inner guides are understood and experienced in many unique and individual ways. Each of us will have a way of understanding what our guides are suggesting (or telling us!) and this takes time and practice to fine tune and pick up in the most useful way for us. The connections are all unique for each person because we are all multifaceted human beings and hold within us a kaleidoscope of experiences, sensations, memories, hopes, motivations and desires. We are not always aware of the elements that live within us on a conscious level and yet they are available if we know how to call up on them for help.

So How Do You Access Your Inner Guide?
Simply be aware that it exists! Accessing your inner guide is acknowledging that it actually exists in the first place.

Go With Your Very First Thoughts
Your first thought or instinct about the situation or the person will be your true thoughts and feelings. You may have the urge to ignore these feelings and overthink things or make a snap decision based on your ego or fears. Instead, go with your first instinct and stay aware of any conflicting emotions and what the root of those emotions may be. I advise everyone when first starting to write down what comes through immediately. This keeps you away from changing what comes through instinctively and elaborating the details through imagination!

Meditation is a true and complete way of allowing you to slow down and listen to what comes through to you. Meditation does not have to be hours of sitting with your legs crossed and fighting to keep your head clear of thoughts. It simply requires that you find a quiet place where you can shut out external distractions, sit comfortable in any position you choose and focus on your breathing and heartbeat. By concentrating on your current state of being, you can cultivate a deeper understanding of what your inner guide is trying to convey to you.

Answers Within
Start asking yourself questions within instead of looking for the answers outside of yourself. For example, you may want to ask yourself “how do I truly feel about …….?” Or “How should I approach the situation I have been thinking about?” Or “Can I do anything about this or is it beyond my control?” Or the best way to ask is “What can I do in this situation that will result in the best possible outcome for me and for others around me?”

Trust Your Guide
This is one of the most important steps! Once you are aware of your guide’s answer, trust it! Too often people already know the answer to a question or the solution to a problem and yet they ignore their inner voice and look for outside advice or help to deal with it instead. And often, the answer will get clouded due to too many inputs from outside sources and you will be left confused and unsure. Once you start trusting in yourself, you will most likely find that the decisions you make will result in better outcomes for yourself and for those around you.

So in conclusion, the inner guide exists in all of us and it is an invaluable tool that we can use to assist in decision making and attaining greater self-knowledge. When we access our inner guide we gain the ability of accessing the wisdom within as and when needed. You are never alone when it comes to your problems! This wisdom is vital for healing the soul and spirit within you. With practice and time, connecting with your guide will be instant and spontaneous and you will be going through life calling upon the help and support of your guide every moment of your life. If you learn to tap into your inner guide and listen to what it has to say, you will find that you make better choices, resolve issues with less conflicting thoughts, feel more confident in your life and above all have true inner peace 🙂