A Special Thank You

A Special Thank You

When I started down this path over 7 years ago, it happened quite by chance and was not something that I had any previous knowledge or ability of (or so I thought!). As it turns out, my ability was always there – it was just never explored! I was accidentally shoved down this path! And of course, I now know, there are NO such things as accidents!

As I gained insight into this remarkable world, I learnt that this ability of being able to telepathically communicate with another life form is ingrained within us. Yes, most of us need guidance to bring it about and learn to focus in order to enable us to become more proficient at it, but there are those who need no practice and need no lessons….it’s just naturally extremely strong and something that has been with them for as long as they can remember back into their childhood. I am not one of those people! Yes, it was there within me always (as it is within everyone) however, I was closed minded and unaware of this ability until, as I have said, I was literally shoved into this direction (seemed at the time, whether I liked it or not, I was going to acquire this skill and was going to polish it to make it shine 🙂

The last thing I wanted was to be thought of as “strange”. Being able to “talk to an animal” – come on! How many people would even contemplate the thought! That was the belief system I had going on in my mind. This was my main concern in the beginning…

Until the time came, when one day, I just couldn’t ignore it any more. The handful of people who knew what I was doing were being left speechless after having a session with me (in a good way I hasten to add!). In the beginning, I was keeping myself “sane” by telling myself it was a coincidence that I was getting every detail about an animal right. It was a fluke. It was just a happy coincidence. It must have been something I already knew about the animal. It must have been something I had heard before about that particular animal. I made so many excuses to myself – if only to excuse myself of being “strange” or “weird”.

The time had to come though didn’t it?! I had to take responsibility and man up! I had to finally acknowledge the fact that I was doing what I was doing and I was able to do it accurately and with so much insight into the mind of the animal. So much so, that I was clearly picking up the aches and pains of an elderly dog, or suddenly not being able to see when connected to a blind cat, feeling the sadness of a dog whose owner had passed away (without knowing the fact until after the session)….these animals, in the early years of doing what I now have come to love to do, came into my life to teach me a lesson. Being able to “talk” to these creatures and to understand them and to honour them enough to pass on their messages to their people was no longer something that I should ever term as “strange” or “weird” or “mad”. I have come to cherish what I do and to feel privileged at being able to hone this skill to a point where each and every being that I connect with has a positive influence from it and is then able to create an even more loving and fulfilling life here on this earth.

Animal Communication is NOT a gift to a select few! Yes it is most definitely a gift but it is a gift we can all embrace. Thinking it’s an ability only a few people are able to use is the very belief which is stopping YOU from discovering it within you. Although more and more people are hearing about animal communicators, unfortunately it is not yet mainstream. However, don’t let that stop you from discovering it for yourself! Every person on earth has the natural ability to communicate with all life forms. Yes, you may need a little coaching and practice, yes it can seem daunting (what isn’t daunting when you are doing it for the first time?) and yes for some of us, it can seem a little out of the comfort zone (it certainly was for me!) but the rewards of connecting to an animal are absolutely magical! They have so much to teach us, so much to share and we, in return, will bond with them more, feel more connected with them and have the kind of relationship with them that previously you never thought possible.

Thank you to those who have trusted me (and I am including all the animals too!), those who have sought me out to help understand a mind better, to untangle the mass of feelings in a being who has been treated harshly in the past, and to those who have spread the word and helped friends and family to reach out to their animals too. Thank you x

Catrima Gabrielle is an accredited NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist.

She is also an established Intuitive Therapist & Animal Communicator with over

10 years of Remote Viewing & Telepathy experience.

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